It's comes as no surprise that people are increasingly concerned about the quality of their drinking water. Chlorine, dissolved biological material, even heavy metals and e. coli bacteria have been showing up in ordinary drinking water. Even if consuming it creates no apparent acute health problems, a water filter is peace of mind in a box, plus it makes the water taste better.

While a water filter can come in many forms, a vast majority is opting for on-demand filtered water right from their kitchen faucet. This is because jug water filters (including Brita) often don't hold enough water to satisfy a busy household, especially because many people like to cook with filtered water and even fill the pets' bowls with contaminant free water.

A filter that can offer on-demand filtered water in as small or large a quantity as required is something that more and more homeowners are purchasing. These filters come in bench-top and plumbed-in varieties. The basic difference between a bench-top water filter and one that's plumbed-in is that bench-tops can be self-installed while plumbed-in models require a modest amount of plumbing experience to install and are usually done by professionals.

The cost between the two are quite similar, but if you require professional installation, be prepared to pay about another $50/hr. The installation process is fairly quick for a plumbed-in water filter, but it all depends on the accessibility of your water pipes. If a plumber or other professional has to cut a hole in the drywall beneath your sink, it might not be worth the trouble.

The appeal of a plumbed-in water filter is the fact that it is completely hidden in the cabinet under your sink. A bench-top filter that's self-installed will have to rest somewhere on your counter and has a pair of tubes that tuck under the main arm of the faucet that lead to the filter itself. Installation of bench-top water filters is surprisingly easy, but you may have to get creative trying to hide the not so aesthetically pleasing filter tube.

All in all, the most important thing is that your water is clean and pure when it's coming out of your faucet. There are different qualities of models in both varieties of on-demand filters that are sure to match anyone's budget and big box stores will often have these items on sale. If installed according to the manufacturer's instructions and if the filter is changed on a regular basis, you're sure to have safer, better tasting water without having to wait for it to drip through the filter in those soon to be obsolete jug filters.


Chlorine, dissolved biological material, even heavy metals and e. coli bacteria have been showing up in ordinary drinking water. Find out which water filter is best for you here and get some peace of mind through safer drinking water.

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