The homeowner with a clean and pure countertop water filter expects that filter to provide him or her with consistent and dependable removal of all water contaminants. A time-pressed homeowner might seek even more. He or she might choose to have a clean and pure filter that is also a maintenance free countertop water filter.

The maintenance free filter has a carbon granule filter. The owner of a maintenance free filter never needs to worry about changing a cartridge. That can seem like a real advantage. Yet like every benefit, it also comes with one seldom-mentioned downside.

Whenever a clean and pure countertop water filter is also a maintenance free countertop water filter, then the owner of that filter can not enjoy all the benefits that come from advancements in technology. Such a homeowner can not plan to replace his or her cartridge with one that has more F.D.A. approved materials or one with a better-graded pore structure.

The cartridge in a maintenance free filter does have a long life. That is why a number of homeowners have purchased the maintenance free, clean and pure water filter. Those homeowners who plan to make a similar purchase should know what to look for in a clean and pure countertop water filter.

Such a filter should have three important features. First, it should have the ability to carry-out mechanical filtration. Mechanical filtration takes advantage of Fickian diffusion. That diffusion process causes absorption of contaminants, whenever contaminated water passes over and moistens fibers.

A clean and pure filter should also have the ability to perform electrokinetic absorption. The unwanted particles in the water produce an electric field. A filter that can perform electrokinetic absorption makes use of that field. By using that field, the filter aids completion of the absorption process.

A good clean and pure filter should, of course, be equipped to function as the site of physical absorption. When water passes over solid absorbent, particles in the water should adhere to the surface of the absorbent. That is what should take place in a working clean and pure filter.

When the three features described above come together in a clean and pure countertop water filter, then that filter can rival the characteristics of other countertop filters. Those filters allow the homeowner to get clean, great-tasting water. Unlike clean and pure filters, those other filters have activated carbon filters with ion exchange and micron filtration.

When a homeowner does not feel compelled to get a maintenance free countertop water filter, then he or she can hope to bring into his or her home an example of our advancing technology. Then that homeowner can anticipate the chance to introduce into the filter system a cartridge with updated materials.

A homeowner can never know when some unseen particle in the tap water might be causing residents of the home to have unusually dry skin or unexplained GI problems. Introduction into the filter system of a new cartridge might bring an end to those complaints. That fact should stay in the mind of a homeowner who is about to get a clean and pure countertop water filter.

Any countertop water filter made today allows the homeowner to enjoy safe and good-tasting water. Still, the homeowner's safety is not at risk, when an old cartridge must be replaced by a newer and better cartridge.

Discover why you need a clean and pure countertop water filter in your home.

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