The Clean & Pure countertop water filter is one brand that is highly advertised. It is supposed to be a maintenance free countertop water filter. But, you can't believe everything you read. Here's what we've learned.

The Clean & Pure countertop water filter is available via the Home Shopping Network for $34.95. It promises to be a maintenance free countertop water filter, because it has a "built-in carbon granule filter that never needs adjusting or cartridges".

The Clean & Pure countertop water filter also promises that installation is "astonishingly simple." Or not... Read the customer reviews, they seem to tell a different story.

Apparently quality control is an issue for the Clean & Pure countertop water filter. The majority of the complaints concerning this "maintenance free countertop water filter" have to do with leakage, installation problems and missing parts. The adaptors that the company provides appear to be "adaptor challenged," in that they fit sometimes and sometimes, not so much.

It also seems that sometimes the adaptor fits the faucet, but then will not attach to the unit itself. Hm...? Homeowners have complained that they could not find an appropriate adaptor, even at the local hardware store, and that the parent company (Paragon) could not provide replacement parts or working adaptors, either. That can't be good!

Many hardware stores are aware of the problems with these units. One employee told a customer who had purchased the Clean & Pure countertop water filter that he had "seen units like this before, all with the same problem." Considering the thousands of people who order products from HSN, he was likely telling the truth.

The biggest problem with the system though is something completely different. The Clean & Pure countertop water filter promises to provide "15,000 gallons of clean-tasting, odor free water". Some ads say that the unit provides "pure water, the way it was meant to be".

The truth is that this supposedly maintenance free countertop water filter does nothing to "purify" water. It is certified by the National Sanitary Foundation (whatever that is) to reduce chlorine taste and odor. And Paragon itself says that it only filters out chlorine and odor. This filtration system does nothing to purify the water.

There are thousands of chemicals in tap water. Many of them are known carcinogens. Chlorine is just one of them.

There are wonderful in home water filtration systems on the market. The best ones remove chlorine and nearly all of the other possible contaminants, including lead, parasites, gases, hormones, drugs and other pollutants.

They best unit may not be a maintenance free countertop water filter, because in order to effectively block all of these contaminants, the filtering cartridges have to be replaced occasionally. The Clean & Pure countertop water filter advertises that you will never have to replace the cartridges and that's the truth. What they forgot to mention was, you will have to replace the entire unit, though.

Some customers have said that the unit only worked long enough to make it past the 30 day return period. If you had to replace the Clean & Pure countertop water filter every thirty days, you could easily afford a better product that only requires cartridge replacement every six months.

At a cost similar to the cost of really good replacement filters and cartridges, you get a unit that may not fit your faucets. If it does fit, it may leak everywhere. And, it only filters chlorine taste and odor, leaving all those other contaminants in there for you to enjoy! One final complaint filed by one customer was that she ended up with a black substance in the bottom of her glass, probably from a defective charcoal filter.

The real maintenance free countertop water filter is one that is well made, attaches to any faucet and provides contaminant free, healthy water for a reasonable period of time. The Clean & Pure countertop water filter does not fall into that category.

Now that you know this, which do you prefer? A not so maintenance free, maintenance free countertop water filter, or a water filtration system that will actually remove the contaminants in your water and provide your family with quality, healthy water?!

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