Suppose that you are a new mother, one who has just read that ingestion of water containing nitrates can damage the health of an infant. Although your husband has just left for the store that stocks water filter replacement cartridges, you wonder if you and your husband should go out and purchase some bottled water. Would such an action eliminate from the baby's diet all possible sources of nitrate?

No it would not. A parent who wants to avoid giving food or water with nitrates to an infant needs to do more than simply taking the time to purchase bottled water. Once nitrates make their way into the soil, they can travel down to the level of the ground water. By using water filter cartridges, a homeowner can all but abolish any concerns about nitrates in the tap water.

Suppose that you are a new father, one who has set aside time to look at the available water filter replacement cartridges. Whether you are driving to a location that stocks such cartridges, or whether you are examining the online information on such cartridges, you probably have one question foremost in your mind: "How much do these water filter cartridges cost?"

The consumer who needs to replace the existing cartridge in a water filter system typically wants to find a discounted product. Indeed there are water filter replacement cartridges that can be purchased at a lower than normal price. Of course, someone who hopes to choose wisely, when selecting a replacement cartridge for a water filter system, should study more than just the price of the available cartridges.

Once a cartridge needs to be replaced, the health of those drinking the water that flows through the old cartridge could be in danger. In order to do away with that danger, an old cartridge needs to be replaced in a fast and efficient manner. That fact should be weighed against the asking price for any of the replacement cartridges on the market today.

By the same token, consumers need to understand that not every cartridge that has been made for use in a filter system is identical to all the other cartridges on the market. Tap water can contain many different types of contaminants. By purchasing wisely, a homeowner can feel secure about buying the right sort of cartridge for his or her water filter system.

The homeowner might want to buy a carbon block cartridge. The carbon in those cartridges acts like a sponge. It soaks-up the contaminants in the water. That carbon comes from natural sources-coconut shells, coal products and wood.

A homeowner might live in an area that was recently inundated by flood waters. Such a homeowner would have reason to worry about the presence of chlorine in the tap water. That homeowner might want to buy a water filter cartridge that could aid with the detection of chlorine in the drinking water.

Whenever a homeowner looks to well water as a source of tap water, that homeowner must be especially conscious of the dangers posed by flood waters. Flood waters increase the likelihood that chlorine could enter the well water (and thus the tap water). After a flood, a homeowner should not forget about the importance of water filter replacement cartridges.

Of course, even a homeowner without a well should consider investing in a water filter system. That homeowner should not ignore the importance of water filter cartridges. When functioning properly, such a cartridge can eliminate asbestos, copper, lead and mercury from the tap water. Still, when a homeowner ignores the need to replace such a cartridge, he or she puts at risk the health of all those residing in the home with the old cartridge.

Failure to heed advice about water filter replacement cartridges can cause the inhabitants in a home to get dry skin or GI problems. They might also report to a physician the development of reproductive problems. Water contaminants can cause any of those problems.

A tap that delivers pure, good tasting drinking water can free a homeowner from concerns about contaminants that might impair the health of those in the home. A water filtration system that receives a replacement cartridge on a regular basis, one that uses activated carbon filters and ion exchange micron filtration, can bring safe water into the home.

For that reason, insurance against possible health problems can be found among the available water filter cartridges. A guarantee of continued benefits from a water filter system with such a cartridge goes only to those willing to look, on a regular basis, at the available water filter replacement cartridges.

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