A drinking water filter system for your home and your families protection is vital. I am going to give you in this short article 3 reasons why you absolutely must have an in-home water filter system.

Reason #1

Your family and your health is at risk if you drink and use chlorinated water from the tap in your home.

The proper drinking water filter will protect your family from chlorine, bacteria and other dangerous contaminants that may be finding their way into your drinking water. If you don't know what could be lurking in your water, it is the same as crossing the street without looking. You might make it.

Your body contains 70% water and uses some each day that must be replaced. If lost water is not replaced, dehydration is assured. Dehydration can cause a whole range of problems. Replacing water your body uses is simply done by drinking water, juices and eating good fruit.

Most people do not think about what is in the water, they just drink their 6-8 glasses each day believing all is well. Is not that what we hear all the time? "Eat your fruit and veggies, exercise and drink 8 glasses of water". I get sick of hearing it.

Eating too much and over exercising are not good. Drinking 8 glasses of water full of contaminants is not very smart either.

Bad water doesn't have to smell bad or have some funny color; usually it doesn't. With a proper drinking water filter system you won't have to worry. A good water filter system will remove harmful bacteria and other bad things.

The bad "things" could be drugs, chlorine gas, THMs, gardia, etc. There is a large list of potential contaminants that have been discovered in our public water systems even after the water facility had treated the water and declared it safe.

Some people have asked, "What is wrong with chlorine? I always thought is was safe? It would take a whole article to really list what is not good about chlorine. When you take a shower it has been treated by the public water system with chlorine to kill certain bacteria. Now that is very good. But what is bad is the chlorine treated shower hot water turns to a vapor. If you have asthma you may have noticed that your breathing becomes difficult when you shower.

Not only that but chlorine makes your skin dry and irriated. Also, some people are allergic to chlorine. I noticed that myself when I put bleach into the washing machine or use it to clean with, my nose becomes immediately congested.
A good water filter system will eliminate chlorine and the "bad things" listed above.

Reason #2

Everything that man uses on the surface of the earth works its way into the ground and into our water supply. Thousands upon thousands of chemicals of all kinds are being used and spilled out into the environment everyday and all day. Gasoline, oil, engine additives, pesticides, herbicides, bleach, soap, drugs, feces, animal waste, etc. etc. etc.
All of the above dictates that we must have a proper drinking water filter system protect our family.

But don't run out an buy just any water filter, filter pitcher or some device you slap on your kitchen faucet. A water filter must remove all not just some of these things: VOC, THMs, alachlor, atrazine, lindance, TCE and MTBE. If it doesn't, don't waste your money. Don't jeopadize your health by taking a quick short cut.

The right drinking water filter system will balance pH level and mineral content. Distilled water is not for drinking because is removes minerals from the water that our bodies need. Reverse Osmosis is not typically useful for most homes because it won't remove chemicals.

In my research I found only one manufacturer that has a drinking water filter system that does all the things a good water filter system should do: to protect your family from all the dangers this article listed. Do what I did. Find a company that has a water filter that removes contaminants and doesn't break the bank.

Reason #3

Your family and your health is at stake!! Get a water filter today.

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Getting a pure water filter is important to every household as it gives a lot of benefits in the long-run. Here are some reasons why do you need a pure water filter.

Reason #1: Pure Water Filter for a Healthier Life

The word ‘filter’ give a basic impression of the function is which to filter the water from things such as bacteria, pesticides and contamination which is hazardous to our health. This is because although water are treated in water treatment plant before it flows into the water system in each household but there are some bacteria or pesticides that resists the treatment facilities effort. The standard treatment such as chemical disinfection does not eliminate cryptosporidium cysts - a common water contamination that are resistant to the chemical disinfection. Cysts, a form of parasite or microscopic creature can cost illness, commonly known as “stomach flu” which can cause fatality.

Reason #2: Inexpensive

Water filter is not expensive as many people thought it to be as there are many varieties and different categories to choose to catered to each household’s need. Ditch the idea of buying bottled water as a substitute in getting clean water instead of installing pure water filter. This is because in a practical manner, buying bottled water as your water supply will cost you more in the long run and bottled water may not be necessary safe as water standard are not stated in the label.

Reason #3: Fun with Water Filters

As mentioned above, there are many varieties of water filters such as faucet fillers, pitchers, refrigerator (Yes! You can install in it too, depending on your refrigerator model) and dispensers type. And who says drinking water is dull and tasteless? To add the fun, there’s also flavor filters that comes in strawberry grape, peach or lemon flavor.

Reason #4: Go Green & Be Happy

Substituting bottled water with pure water filter is a right choice for everyone as you can save the earth from ‘consuming’ the plastic bottles which take years to be dispose at land-fills. In addition, filtered water is often chlorine-free and this provides safe, clean and odorless water for drinking, washing and bathing, compared to consuming unfiltered water or bottle water.

In conclusion, getting a pure water filter is a step of a healthier life, inexpensive, fun and at the same time, allows you to go green by being environmental friendly and a happier you. Now, isn’t that every good reasons for you to install pure water filter today!

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A water filter cartridge is the central part of the water filtration system which controls the type of water which the system will produce. The water filtration unit houses this cartridge and connects the water filter cartridges with each other.

A water filter cartridge is central to the smooth operation of the water filtration system. It is that part of the system where the purification actually takes place. Thus, it is crucial to understand how this works in order to determine the effectiveness of the filter you would choose to use. Although there is no perfect water filter which can totally remove all the contaminants in your water, a combination of several types of water filter cartridges may be able to come up only short with this.

One type of water filter cartridge is the sediment cartridge. It has the ability to remove fine particle such as sand, mud, asbestos, silt, and turbidity from the water. Because of this, these products are normally rated based on the type and size of the particles they can remove. The smaller the micron (a thousandth of a millimeter), the smaller the size of the particle it can filter out.

Sediment water filter cartridge are normally made up of pleated polyesters, cellulose fibers or other porous ceramic materials. These materials are very cheap compared to the materials used with other cartridges and it is where sediment cartridges got its other name of low-cost infiltration cartridges. Usually, care for these cartridges involves washing them often. But this is not possible in some brands, that is why replacement is the only option.

Another type of water filter cartridge is the carbon cartridges. They are generally composed of activated carbon or carbon fiber block which are used to de-chlorinate water and remove trihalomethanes, lead, endrin, herbicides/pesticides, radon and toluene in the water. Compared to the sediment cartridges, carbon cartridges remove finer particles and helps clarify the water and removes the accumulated taste in it. Unfortunately, there is no way to clean this type of cartridges. Thus, replacement is the sole option but it can last longer than sediment ones.

Carbon cartridges are also generally more expensive than sediment water filter cartridges. However, they are tried and tested to be more effective in water purification. This is because of the more porous materials used on them and the more recent technology they employ.

Since the best water filtration systems involve two stages of purification, a combination of these two water filter cartridge would work best. The first step usually involves the use of the sediment cartridge wherein slightly larger particles are removed. The second step, meanwhile, is the use of activated carbon cartridges which removes the finer particles.

Water filter cartridges are available in a large number of hardware stores and water supplies store. Their cost varies according to the model of the filter you are using and the capacity. They may seem costly. But the benefits and the advantages that go with it are priceless.

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Let's face it. The topic of maintaining good health continues to dominate the concerns of people all over the world. As a result, medical science is promoting the overlooked health benefits of drinking plenty of clean water. Finding the best faucet water filter solution is becoming a growing priority for those people who want to "tap in" to the astonishing benefits of drinking water.

If you are one of these people who is looking for an effective faucet filter, but aren't quite sure how to proceed, I'd like to share some information that you may find helpful.

At this point it might help to underscore the reason why plenty of clean water is foundation for good health.

First of all, because the body is made up of 70% water, you can say that it is basically a water machine. As such, the body's astonishing ability to heal itself is precisely connected to drinking plenty of water. When given the right tools the body knows exactly what to do to maintain its youthful vitality and longevity. A well-chosen faucet filter can easily provide this essential tool.

Taking time to research and find the best faucet water filter solution for you and your family means providing a simple, but effective way to prevent illness and ailments.

Water makes it possible for your body's most important processes (nervous system, metabolism, digestion and detoxification) to keep running smoothly and efficiently. Just like a well-oiled car, your body can get plenty of healthy mileage when you're drinking plenty of water from a home faucet filter.

You should begin your search for the best faucet water filter the understanding that no faucet filter can be 100% certain. However, I have found, through hours of painstaking research, that some are definitely better than others.

There are three main criteria I recommend using when evaluating home water filters:

1. Ideally, the faucet filter should remove the widest range of chemical toxins and bacteria.

2. The appliance should be affordable, simple to install and maintain.

3. The filtering process must leave essential mineral content untouched

There is also a sub-criterion that you may or may not want to look for: The faucet water filter will be certified.

I have found that these criteria are important for several reasons. First, popular water filtration systems like distillation and reverse osmosis, have severe limitations when it comes to removing certain synthetic chemicals like herbicides, and pesticides. There are also problems with removing bacteria cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia.

Second, expensive add-ons, like a carbon filter system, are required if you want to be able to get rid of the toxins that r.o. and distillation, by themselves, are unable to remove. These carbon filters must also be replaced on a regular basis. I have found this to be expensive and inconvenient.

Third, when essential minerals are stripped, the health benefits of drinking water are severely reduced. Reverse osmosis and distillation remove natural mineral content, leaving the water "dead."

So what do I recommend as the best faucet water filter solution?

For my money, any faucet filter based up multi-stage filtration, has my vote. I have found that this comprehensive filtration technology meets all three of my purchasing criteria.

The water company I located that uses this technology also provides certifications for their products (my sub-criterion).

Make no mistake. If you want the simplest way to ensure the health and well-being of you and your family, then increase your intake of clean, healthy water from a multi-stage filtration faucet filter.

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Now I see that they have gotten around to trying to sell iron filters to residential customers.

The thing about these iron water filter is that they really don't have much to offer you in the way of protection from the many contaminants that can be found in our water supply. They are too contaminant specific to offer you much help at all.

What these iron filters are primarily for is removing toxic heavy metals from your drinking water. They are highly recommended by some for their ability to effectively block iron, sulphur, manganese, sediment, and turbidity from your water, which is great.

However there are thousands of contaminants in our water supply that these types of filters are not equipped to deal with.

These iron water filters will do absolutely nothing to protect you from all of the chemical agents that are in our water supply.

There are about 2,100 of these chemicals in our water that are known to cause cancer in human beings. You need a filter that will effectively block these chemicals out. This is not the filter to do it with.

Another group of impurities that iron filters fail to deal with are the numerous parasites and cysts that breed in our water.

These microscopic menaces will many times survive the chlorine disinfection process, and will make anyone who is unlucky enough to ingest them severely ill. This illness can often be fatal in the elderly, and in small children.

Iron water filters are too limited in what they can offer you, and at a starting price of around $400, they should be able to offer you much more.

If you want to be able to remove heavy metals from your drinking water there is a much more affordable way in which to not only accomplish that task, but also get help with the other contaminants also.

Instead of iron filters what you need is an all around water puricication unit that features an ion exchange filter.

This filter removes metals from you water just as effectively as those other types of filters do.But the reason that they are named as they are is because when they trap these metal traces, they release sodium and potassium in its place.

What iron water filters don't offer you is the protection that can be had by the combination of an activated granular carbon filter, a multi media block, and a sub micron filter.

These three filters will effectively block 99% of all of the chemical and microbial contaminants that are currently present in your water. This combination is what you need if you want to feel totally safe.

You can buy the top rated counter top unit for a mere $125 dollars, which as we have learned is considerably less expensive than any of the iron filters that are available.

This unit contains all four of the filters that have been mentioned, and with all of this protection in your counter top, your family can rest easy at night knowing that nothing can harm them.

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