Getting a pure water filter is important to every household as it gives a lot of benefits in the long-run. Here are some reasons why do you need a pure water filter.

Reason #1: Pure Water Filter for a Healthier Life

The word ‘filter’ give a basic impression of the function is which to filter the water from things such as bacteria, pesticides and contamination which is hazardous to our health. This is because although water are treated in water treatment plant before it flows into the water system in each household but there are some bacteria or pesticides that resists the treatment facilities effort. The standard treatment such as chemical disinfection does not eliminate cryptosporidium cysts - a common water contamination that are resistant to the chemical disinfection. Cysts, a form of parasite or microscopic creature can cost illness, commonly known as “stomach flu” which can cause fatality.

Reason #2: Inexpensive

Water filter is not expensive as many people thought it to be as there are many varieties and different categories to choose to catered to each household’s need. Ditch the idea of buying bottled water as a substitute in getting clean water instead of installing pure water filter. This is because in a practical manner, buying bottled water as your water supply will cost you more in the long run and bottled water may not be necessary safe as water standard are not stated in the label.

Reason #3: Fun with Water Filters

As mentioned above, there are many varieties of water filters such as faucet fillers, pitchers, refrigerator (Yes! You can install in it too, depending on your refrigerator model) and dispensers type. And who says drinking water is dull and tasteless? To add the fun, there’s also flavor filters that comes in strawberry grape, peach or lemon flavor.

Reason #4: Go Green & Be Happy

Substituting bottled water with pure water filter is a right choice for everyone as you can save the earth from ‘consuming’ the plastic bottles which take years to be dispose at land-fills. In addition, filtered water is often chlorine-free and this provides safe, clean and odorless water for drinking, washing and bathing, compared to consuming unfiltered water or bottle water.

In conclusion, getting a pure water filter is a step of a healthier life, inexpensive, fun and at the same time, allows you to go green by being environmental friendly and a happier you. Now, isn’t that every good reasons for you to install pure water filter today!

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