Between bottled water and tap water made to pass through drinking water filters, you will almost certainly opt for bottled water. After all, you need not worry about selection, installation, and maintenance of the filters; you can just call the bottled water company and have them deliver to your doorstep the gallons of water you need. And if you want to take it to the next level of luxury in water, you can even have Berg, Evian, Tasmanian Rain and Cloud Juice delivered to you! Now that is epicurean water at its best!

However, these top-of-the-line bottled water brands cost more than your pretty penny. If you are feeling the effects of recession (and very few people are not affected), then drinking water filters are the best solutions for you.

Long-Term Commitment

You will initially spend a few hundred dollars on high-end drinking water filters, the amount of which is lesser for medium-range lines. Depending on the model and capacity, you can reasonably expect five years of use and thousands of gallons before you have to replace the entire filtration system.

On the other hand, bottled water has to be constantly delivered to your house. You will be spending thousands of dollars during the same five year period, which would include rentals on the water dispensers.

For example, your household uses 25 gallons of drinking water a week. If you buy bottled water at $1.50 a gallon, you will be spending at least $9,750 in five years. If you buy filters at about $350, you will be spending around $700 over the same five year period, including replacement of filters!

If you are committed to providing safe drinking water for your family over the long-term, drinking water filters are more economical.

Environmental Concerns

Most bottled water come in disposable containers. You will probably see tons of them in your neighborhood recycling center, which is just the tip of the iceberg where disposed bottled water containers are concerned. What you do not see are the thousands more of plastic containers that do not get the benefit of recycling.

You can just imagine the financial and environmental costs non-biodegradable plastic containers exact on governments and the planet. It might not affect you in the near future but toxic seepage from dumps can enter the water system in your state, subsequently affecting your health. Cliche as it may sound, water does come full circle.

Additives Issues

Admittedly, all water contain impurities and contaminants. Even if you do have the best quality drinking water filters installed in your house, there will be impurities present. And this goes for bottled water, too!

The difference nowadays between bottled water and tap water lies in the additives present in bottled water. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, fruit flavors, even corn syrup are just a few of the additives added that result in the dizzying array of bottled water - sports drinks, carbonated water, mineral water, spring water, fitness water, and glacier water, to name but a few. But how safe are they? You might just find yourself spending on hospital bills, which are yet another added cost.

Ultimately, your choice for drinking water filters should boil down to economy, environment, and enjoyment.

For economy, shower water filters and drinking water filters are the best solutions for your home. Find them all at today!

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Consumers are searching for ultra violet water purifiers as a way to improve their drinking tap water safety. The publics are more aware of the environmental impacts and questioning the quality of bottled water, many are turning to tap water and need to find ways to improve it.

Although tap water is usually being treated with chlorine or chloramines, the most popular method of water disinfections, water can still be infected while travel through pipe-lines to our homes.

No matter how well water is treated at the water distribution plant, it is impossible for cities to replace all water lines every few years. Chances are, these water lines are as old as or even older than your home. Aging pipes can break, leach contaminants into the water they carry and breed bacteria - all potential prescription for illness. Water scale, dirt, contaminants are forming around the water line. Have you ever changed the plumbing or faucet at your home? You will notice that there is black stuff collecting around the pipe. Imagine how much of the unwanted stuff follows the water and enters your home? There are dirt, heavy metal, pesticide, microorganisms and even cross contaminants from sewer (as most of the time, water lines and sewer lines are installed just a few feet apart).

Chlorination is necessary to kill waterborne bacteria. But some species of bacteria are resistant to chlorine like the Cryptosporidium parvum and the Giardia lamblia. Healthy adults can drink tap water with not much to worry about. However, young children, pregnant women, the elders and those with weak immune system, are vulnerable to waterborne disease-causing bacteria and other contaminants. Since water is accounted for 65 - 70% of our bodies' weight, it is in the blood, the brains, the lungs, the bones and many other parts; it can do a lot of damage if it is not clean and bacteria free. Symptoms may include: fatigue, diarrhea, stomach cramp, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea etc...There is an estimated that about 7 million Americans become sick from water contaminants each year.

Best way to protect your family from getting sick is to install a quality water filter. There are a few things to consider which one best fit your need. First check with your water supplier for a report of water quality, which will list all possible contaminants in the water. Second, do some research and find a filter that removes the contaminants of concern in your tap water. Be sure the filter is independently certified by NSF to remove the contaminants. Third, maintain the filter at least as often as the manufacturer recommends to make sure you have clean water.

I have used a few types of water filters in the past 20 years or so, and I like the activated carbon- block with ultra violet water purifier best. The carbon-block filter is capable of trapping over 140 water contaminants as small as 300% smaller than the diameter of a human hair and reduce the chlorine taste. The ultra violet light inside the carbon-block filter will light when water passes through destroying 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that might be in the water. This combination of filtration in one simple unit provides my family and 35 million others quality, safe and clean drinking water right from the tap.

Want to protect your family from getting sick? Look into the carbon-block with ultra violet water purifiers and choose one that will do the job for you, rather than having the kidneys as a filter. As recommended, filters need to be changed after certain period of time. The kidneys stay with us for a lifetime. In case if it needs changing, that will cost so much more than just the cost of the filter. Wouldn't you agree?

Stop throwing money away buying bottled water and save the earth, invest in a dual cartridge ultraviolet water purifier can save your health. This patented ultra violet water purifier is voted "World's Best Source of Water" for a reason!

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Most water filtration system manufacturers would love to call their purifiers "drinking water filtration systems". While they often can't do that because of various government regulations, they succeeded in convincing us that most water filters are able to produce safe and tasty drinking water. Filtration system manufacturers only concentrate on stating how good their filters are at coping with some contaminants - they don't usually tell us what their filters won't do. And most of them won't do a lot of things.

An effective drinking water filtration system must be able to cope with:

(1) dirt and other large particles in the water

(2) all odors and unpleasant taste that water might have

(3) any chemical contaminants – from chlorine to industrial grade chemicals known only by their alphanumeric abbreviations

(4) bacteria and any other microbes.

What is more, the filtration system must be able to withstand a concentrated attack of any of those contaminants - ie. it must not stop working at the time we really need it. We have to be sure it works regardless of what it needs to filter – otherwise we may end drinking bottled water only (and research shows that much of that water isn't what the company claims, either!)

How to get 100% pure drinking water:

It depends mostly on your budget and the water you need to filter, but here are a couple of guidelines you might find useful. A decent drinking water filtration system should:

1) Employ many filters. No single method is able to cope with all contaminants, regardless of what water filter manufacturers tell you. For example, using a carbon block filter with a UV water treatment should be considered as a plus – these methods are very effective, but neither will do the job all alone.

2) Be inspected often. The filters have to be replaced at least a few weeks before they they expire and checked at least three times between replacements. Contaminants can often clog filters or even create a growth place for the bacteria that the filters supposedly kill. All of these problems are caused by the inadequate maintenance.

3) be expensive. This is sad, but true – no good filtration system is both flawless and cheap. And never ever buy from the lowest bidder! You will risk both expensive maintenance and your system may fail exactly when you need it the most - that is, in times of emergency. Keep in mind that a 95% effective drinking water filtration system is virtually useless. You have to find a system that is 100% effective – and it will be expensive.

How to be 100% sure you have the right filtration system:

Frequent checkups and a lot of maintenance is required if any drinking water filtration system is to work flawlessly. The maintenance details vary a lot depending on the system's model, but whatever they are, you must strictly follow them.

What is more, it is often a good idea to check the water quality from time to time by testing it against the presence of your most probable contaminants. Some of the tests are relatively simple and inexpensive, yet they add a lot to your safety. In this way you can be certain that your drinking water filtration system does exactly what you need it to do.

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To ensure you have the best home water treatment, you must understand the current state of your water and the limitations and strengths of the water treatment technology on the market. Home Water Treatment Articles

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Recent increases in energy costs have led to increased interest for cost saving appliances. New efficent "tankless" water heaters have become very popular for their capability to heat hot water on demand, with no storage tank required. Instead of holding water in a traditional water tank, they circulate the cold water through a series of electrically heated coils that warm the water as it moves pass this heat source. This newer process of warming water requires more expensive equipment than the conventional water heater, but this money is regained in the long term with energy efficiency savings. The energy efficiency is mainly gained from no longer needing to heat an entire tank of water.

Since the tankless water heaters do not store hot water but rather constantly heat water as it is demanded, they do not run out of hot water. There is one exception, to this "endless" supply of heated water. The flow rate is limited. In other words if you simultaneously use more water than the flow of the water heater (i.e. 3 people showering at one time) you will receive unheated water.

Since conventional water heater stores the water together in a large tank it is able to provide water at a set temperature. Tankless water heaters differ in this aspect since they are dependent upon the incoming water temperature and the flow rate. The incoming water temperature can vary greatly from summer to winter. The capacity of a tankless water heater is generally measured by how many temperature degrees it can increase water temperature by gallons per minute (gpm). Most tankless water heaters are powered by gas to better handle the heat output and response time required. These gas powered water heaters require proper venting, normally more venting than the older, conventional water heaters required. If you are replacing a conventional electric water heater tank, you may want to add a power vent in the side of the wall. This would be the less costly alternative if there is no existing roof vent. Some of the smaller and more portable single-fixture units are powered electrically.

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Do you drink bottled drinking water? If the answer is yes, then you certainly are not alone. According to reports by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), more than half of all Americans buy bottled drinking water that is to the tune of $4 billion yearly. It is widely believed that bottled water of from the majestic snow capped mountains and glaciers are more pure and safer to drink as compared to tap water, however this may not always be true as presented on NRDC’s website at Besides another reputable source on bottled drinking water is the World Health Organization; and you can check out this site at for more information from a different perspective. Though not all bottled drinking water is under scrutiny, but the fact remains that not all is safe and pure. Who knows, you may just be buying tap water that has been bottled and then sold at nearly 10,000 times the cost of what you pay for your own tap water.

Some may ask why do consumers pay such a lot on bottled drinking water. Perhaps some would say that the city tap water is less than desirable; it smells bad and tastes funky. That alone would be enough for me right there. Besides there are other reasons why some people choose to buy bottled drinking water. Of which, is convenience. Not everyone feels like carrying around a Nalgene bottle everyday. It’s just one more thing to keep track of throughout the day. Of course, bottled drinking water is always an alternative to soda or other caloric beverages, and maybe even better for you if some of it is just tap water. In the past few years there has been much discussion about the contaminants present in public water supplies, which is the reason why companies that package bottled drinking water are doing so well. Bottled drinking water just has the image of being safer and purer than what comes out of our tap. In all reality, we just shouldn’t have to choose bottled drinking water over tap water, even if it is trendier.

Before you start buying bottled drinking water you may want to check out the brand you care considering consuming great quantities of. For instance Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, has a very customer friendly website at where you can find answers to most if not all of your questions about this popular brand of bottled drinking water. Just look out for the label of the next bottle of water you pick up and check to see if they have a website and just what type of information they provide to consumers. In case they don’t offer what you want to know, then I’d be checking out another brand, or maybe just sticking with the tap water. It’s simply cheaper!

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Tracie M. Loewe provides readers with up-to-date commentaries, articles, and reviews for shopping as well as useful buying guides and other related information.

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You’re thirsty after working in the sun on a hot Saturday afternoon. You head to the kitchen and pour yourself a cool glass of water and gulp it back greedily. The immediate effect is to cool you down, quench your thirst, and re-hydrate your body.

But did you give any thought to what it’s doing to your body? It’s true that doctors suggest we drink 8 glasses of water a day, but if you don’t drink the right kind of water,it can have a harmful effect on you!

Wait a minute, you say: "The right kind of water???" How many kinds of water are there?

The answer is: several! Water is not just a colorless liquid that quenches our parched tongues. Water is a necessary part of life and not just for keeping us hydrated. Most people don’t know that water contains other properties that allow you to live a healthy life:

1..Your water is supposed to deliver essential nutrients and minerals needed to live. For example, calcium, magnesium, potassium and trace elements -- which doctors recommend we take in -- can be found in some drinking waters, but not all. Are you spending an arm and a leg on supplements to ensure you’re getting these minerals when instead you can get them simply and cheaply by drinking the right kind of water?

2. Your water should help balance out the acidic state of your body. Simply put, our bodies’ tissues produce waste that is acid in nature. When these acid wastes accumulate --because of pollutants, modern diet and stress -- our tissues slowly deteriorate. Chronic diseases such as cancer,arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis are associated with this acid condition. Water should help balance out our acidic state by being alkaline.

3. Like a natural stream, your water should have antioxidant properties. Oxidization hastens cell breakdown, while foods with antioxidant properties prevent it. You don’t need anyone to tell you that you want a body that generates cells, not destroys them!

4. Your water should be free of contaminants. Many people are shocked to learn that there can be over 2000 contaminants in an ordinary glass of tap water.

So aside from quenching your thirst, water should also be full of minerals, be alkaline, and be antioxidant. But did you know that most water is exactly the opposite? And did you know that waters from many water purifier systems fail these basic requirements?

It’s true. People buy water purification systems thinking that they will successfully filter out the "bad stuff" and keep the "good stuff"in water. Unfortunately, many systems, even the expensive ones, eitherdo an inadequate job of filtering out the "bad stuff" or they filter out everything-- both good and bad. In fact, there are filtration systems for which people pay top dollar, that doctors recommend you don’t drink from on a long term basis -- because they can make your body even more acidic!

But before you completely swear off water, know this: it’s not all bad news. There are excellent purification systems that do a good job of creating healthy, alkaline water with as much antioxidant property as a glass of orange juice!

Protect the health of your family. Before believing the advertising claims of any system, and before spending a fortune on bottled water, really compare the choices in home purification systems. Find out:

1. How do the health benefits of each system compare? (contamination, acidity, antioxidant,minerals)

2. What’s the taste like? If you don’t love the taste, you won’t drink enough water.

3. How much will it cost me?

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Stan Howard is a researcher with Best Water, which specializes in water purification. Learn the essential keys for healthy drinking water. To receive your Free comprehensive report -- comparing all water purification methods -- visit

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Think of the benefits of installing a whole house well water filter system to your home or holiday house. Having fresh clean water to drink is one thing but it is also very important to have clean fresh water to shower in. Your skin is waterproof but it can still absorb impurities from water that is not perfect.

Nobody really knows what may be in well water all the time so to help reduce the risk factors a whole house well water filter system is a real bonus. Many people today buy bottled water whether they have town, tank or well water connected to their home. This is a way to be assured they are drinking safe water. This is very important, as human beings must have water to keep hydrated as without it we will die.

Because we have to drink so much water and most of us do not drink enough we want it to at least taste nice as well as be healthy. If you have systems such as this put into your home you will always be assured of nice tasting water. In the end it will also be cheaper than buying bottled water all the time. Think of the convenience of just going to your tap and having fresh clean lovely tasting water when ever you wish.

Another thing to think about is how often do you get out of the shower feeling itchy and blotchy from the hardness of the water that you are getting from town, well or tank. This is caused by all sorts of impurities. If you are feeling this on the outside what is it doing to your insides?

This is so easy to prevent. All you need to do is install a whole house well water filter system and change the filters every 6 months to be assured your system is doing its job efficiently. How simple is that? Once you have decided that this is the best course of action for you to take to keep yourself and your family healthy all you have to do is take a look around online and find the best type of system to suit your needs.

We have researched many different companies and found the best of the best for you to look at. Why not take that time right now and see what you find.

About the Author

Susan Dean is the webmaster and publisher of Visit her site for discount water filters.

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It has been confirmed by the experts that the shower is the best way to release your stress and tension. It not only eases out your worries a bit but also provides you with immense pleasure. But majority of the populace forget that the water with which they are bathing contains chlorine. Chlorine is said to be the most harmful substance present in the water which becomes the root cause for many skin and lung diseases. So, in order to safeguard your health carbon shower filters are always there for you. Carbon shower filters are the most powerful and advanced shower filters which ensures complete safety so that you can enjoy the bath to the fullest. They are the latest shower filters which are selling the hot cakes in the market. Carbon shower filters breaks the chlorine particles into pieces and then blocks their way to clean water making you get the safe water of bathing.

They are latest shower filters which not only block the chlorine but also remove the bad smell from the water. This makes them stand tall among the list and also contributes to its popularity. Carbon shower filters are very portable and handy which makes them easy to use and enhances their popularity. Being easy to install and simple to clean now, they are widely used and are also very popular. Carbon shower filters generally come in various designs, features, colors and models. They are very attractive to look upon. Due to this many people just install them for enhancing the bathroom’s ambience. Consumers usually prefer to buy those carbon shower filters which match with their bathroom and provide a soothing effect. If you are worried husband or caring parents then it is wise to install the best carbon shower filter in town so that your family can enjoy the bath to the fullest.

Nowadays, latest carbon shower filters are equipped with inbuilt sensors which alert you in advance informing when to change the cartridge. Normally, a carbon shower filter cartridge works for 9 to 12 months depending upon the water quality and its frequency of usage. A significant decrease has been noticed in the water borne diseases since the advent of carbon shower filters and they have also become very popular among the families.

So, if you love to spend hours in the shower but are unaware of the disadvantages then simply install the best carbon shower filter prevailing in town. This will not only relieve your health worries but also make you enjoy the long and soothing shower.

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Author is an experienced content writer with fair of knowledge of writing trend prevailing in the market and also capable of writing articles on various topics. For more information contact him at: Please visit :

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Our body contains more then 60% water, which makes water an essential part of our survival and good health. In the US, we have drinking water available right from our taps; tested and approved by the local water control authorities, however, the fact remains that, even after passing quality control, the water that reaches us still contains a number of contaminants that can severely damage our health.

Water Impurities

Water travels through pipes in order to reach our homes and is stored in tanks for days at a time before we use it, which promotes the growth of bacteria and parasites; chemical such as chlorine is deliberately introduced into the water to disinfect it in quantities that will not affect you immediately, but may cause side effects in the long run. Besides bacteria and chemicals, there are also minerals found in the water that flow through our pipes, in small doses but they can quickly add up to affect your kidneys and overall health.

A home water filter should be first and foremost installed in order to provide you clean drinking water free of chemicals, bacteria, parasites, minerals and metals, which can cause you harm in the long run, besides changing the taste of the water.

Your Choice Of Home Water Filter

Because many people are increasingly aware of the fact that the water that flows through our pipes is not healthy, in the long run, there are many different types of home water filters for you to choose from, for example; home water filters for the whole house or home water filters just for the tap that you will use to drink water.

Whole house water filters are recommended because they will provide clean water for the entire house but tap replacement home water filters are as good and inexpensive as well.

Healthy Life, Skin And Environment

Healthy life comes from within and also from the outside, therefore, you should ensure that you always drink clean, fresh water but also shower yourself with clean water; chlorine, chemicals and other bacteria found naturally in the water damages your skin, makes it dry and itchy and promotes premature aging in the process. A shower water filter will provide you with clean water for your skin as well.

Water filters help you keep healthy but also release cleaner, better water, free of chemicals, metals and minerals for a better environment and planet so your satisfaction for getting a home water filter system will in fact be felt at a greater level.

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Ann Marier has written many articles on health problems and useful house and garden Topics. Latest articles are about whole house water filters

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A water sediment filter removes the debris that flows with the water through your pipes into your faucets. From your faucet some of this sediment can move into your receptacles unless you have a water sediment filter in place. This sediment could be pieces of rust, sand or other tiny particles that one might miss looking at the water with the naked eye. These tiny pieces of sediment that get into the flow of the water can clog other instruments such as strainers that are used to clear the water.

A water sediment filter will remove these particles before they ruin your pipes and beverages. A water sediment filter does not improve the taste of the water or remove the odor that might exist in a water supply coming into a home. The water sediment filter does not remove the lead, chlorine or other chemicals from the water supply. These water sediment filters do not remove microbiological elements from the water that comes through to the faucets in a home.

Some Water Sediment Filters Remove Extremely Small Particles

Water sediment filters differ in the size of the particles that they remove from the water supply. Anyone looking to buy this type of equipment should check the size of particles removed by each of these filter systems available on the market. Some of these systems remove smaller particles than others. The best water sediment filters remove the tiniest particles from the water. Consumers looking for this type of filter should consider the price and the efficiency of each available model.

Each water sediment filter will have information about the efficiency of the model. This information on these systems is provided by the manufacturer for each model. Information about the quality of the water in the home should be considered when buying these filters. Some water has more sediment than other water. Some homes might need a stronger filter than others.

Water Sediment Filters Use Cartridges For Optimum Operation

Each water filter will use cartridges to remove the particles from the supply. These cartridges should be the proper quality for the water that is treated. The manufacturers will provide the necessary information for each of the filters. Consumers should make sure that they obtain the best cartridges for their water supply. These cartridges provide efficient operation for the cleanest possible water supply. The use of these cartridges will make a significant difference in the purity of the water supply.

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Water is an essential part of life, and many doctors recommend drinking a large quantity of water every day for optimum health. The water that comes through the tap into each home has a different quality depending on the source of the water supply for that community. The water coming into each home around the country varies in purity, smell and taste.

Many people who believe in drinking plenty of water every day search for the best possible water for their health. Some of these people buy bottled water because they believe that this water is best for them. Others have turned to water filtration systems for pure water.

The water filtration systems can save money for those who have turned to bottled water, and people should be able to get a pure supply of water with these filtration systems. These filtration systems usually depend on water filter cartridges, and these work in different ways. Those that are interested in a filtration system to purify their water should look at each of the systems and the water filter cartridges that are used in each system. The water filter cartridges differ in methods of filtration and costs.

Water Filter Cartridges Are Vital Parts Of Most Filtration Systems

There are large water filter systems that will purify the entire water supply that comes into the home. These systems will purify the water coming into the kitchen faucet. This water is often used for drinking, cooking and making coffee. These systems also purify the water that goes into the bathrooms for showers and baths.

These water filter systems will deliver chemically and microbiologically pure water for optimum health benefits. In addition, some of these systems deliver softer water for better results in dishwashers and washing machines. These systems often provide quality because of the water filter cartridges that are used with the system.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are smaller units that can be placed on the kitchen counter for water purification. These units are usually filled as the water is needed for drinking and making beverages including coffee and tea. Some people might use these smaller units for cooking as well.

The efficiency of these small units also depends on the water filter cartridges designed for these units. These water filter cartridges efficiently remove the harmful substances from the water, but these water filter cartridges purify a much smaller quantity of water.

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In this day and age where relationships are as disposable as plastic spoons, you should exert all efforts to ensure that your relationship is for keeps. After all, it is very difficult to find your soul mate in a sea of jerks that deserve nothing better than the sight of your soles! And speaking of water, you can actually enhance your love life with a home water filter. Find out how.

Money for Love

Of course, the installation of a whole house home water filter can initially cost you and your honey a pretty penny. However, you will notice the substantial savings gained in the course of its operation primarily in the reduction of expenses towards the purchase of bottled water. Imagine what you can do to your savings!

You can go out on dates you have previously postponed for financial considerations. How about that dinner date to the A-list restaurant with the famous soufflé? You can even plunk the savings for your highly-anticipated Caribbean second honeymoon, which would go a long way for those round-trip business class tickets. All because you had the good sense to install a home water filter!

Energy for Love

Your home water filter provides for better-tasting water through the elimination of odor-causing contaminants. You will then be encouraged to drink more than your average 4 glasses and aim for the recommended 8 glasses of water, just because you thirst for its refreshing taste.

When you drink more water, you get more physical health benefits like increased energy and levels of concentration, delayed aging, enhanced muscle tone and bone strength, and improved hormone production. Your overall appearance improves and your emotional moods become more manageable. Of course, you should not forget to eat a balanced diet and to engage in regular exercise to complement your water drinking habits.

Imagine what you and your sweetheart can do with all these physical and mental benefits. You can engage in prolonged lovemaking with increased energy, sustain more intimate conversations with enhanced levels of concentration, and deepen your relationship with manageable moods. Of course, it helps to take showers purified by the home water filter together!

Skin and Hair for Love

Human love expresses itself most eloquently in touch. When you were starting out, you cannot keep each others’ paws, er, hands to yourselves. You loved to touch every nook and cranny of each others’ bodies and caress the silken length of hair.

Unfortunately, familiarity can breed contempt. And even if it does not, the hard water from your taps can dry out your skin and cause hair problems like dandruff, eczema, and discoloration. Maybe then, your partner will shy away from touching you like before.

But have no fear. Your hard water can be treated with a house water filter to turn it into the more skin-friendly soft water. With regular use, you will notice healthier and softer skin coupled with shinier and bouncier hair. You will also be savings tons on hair salon visits because your soft water will not wash away the hair treatments you had. Again, you will be saving money for love!

So, if your relationship needs a serious boost, you can always try the benefits of soft water courtesy of a home water filter!

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