Our body contains more then 60% water, which makes water an essential part of our survival and good health. In the US, we have drinking water available right from our taps; tested and approved by the local water control authorities, however, the fact remains that, even after passing quality control, the water that reaches us still contains a number of contaminants that can severely damage our health.

Water Impurities

Water travels through pipes in order to reach our homes and is stored in tanks for days at a time before we use it, which promotes the growth of bacteria and parasites; chemical such as chlorine is deliberately introduced into the water to disinfect it in quantities that will not affect you immediately, but may cause side effects in the long run. Besides bacteria and chemicals, there are also minerals found in the water that flow through our pipes, in small doses but they can quickly add up to affect your kidneys and overall health.

A home water filter should be first and foremost installed in order to provide you clean drinking water free of chemicals, bacteria, parasites, minerals and metals, which can cause you harm in the long run, besides changing the taste of the water.

Your Choice Of Home Water Filter

Because many people are increasingly aware of the fact that the water that flows through our pipes is not healthy, in the long run, there are many different types of home water filters for you to choose from, for example; home water filters for the whole house or home water filters just for the tap that you will use to drink water.

Whole house water filters are recommended because they will provide clean water for the entire house but tap replacement home water filters are as good and inexpensive as well.

Healthy Life, Skin And Environment

Healthy life comes from within and also from the outside, therefore, you should ensure that you always drink clean, fresh water but also shower yourself with clean water; chlorine, chemicals and other bacteria found naturally in the water damages your skin, makes it dry and itchy and promotes premature aging in the process. A shower water filter will provide you with clean water for your skin as well.

Water filters help you keep healthy but also release cleaner, better water, free of chemicals, metals and minerals for a better environment and planet so your satisfaction for getting a home water filter system will in fact be felt at a greater level.

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