In this day and age where relationships are as disposable as plastic spoons, you should exert all efforts to ensure that your relationship is for keeps. After all, it is very difficult to find your soul mate in a sea of jerks that deserve nothing better than the sight of your soles! And speaking of water, you can actually enhance your love life with a home water filter. Find out how.

Money for Love

Of course, the installation of a whole house home water filter can initially cost you and your honey a pretty penny. However, you will notice the substantial savings gained in the course of its operation primarily in the reduction of expenses towards the purchase of bottled water. Imagine what you can do to your savings!

You can go out on dates you have previously postponed for financial considerations. How about that dinner date to the A-list restaurant with the famous soufflé? You can even plunk the savings for your highly-anticipated Caribbean second honeymoon, which would go a long way for those round-trip business class tickets. All because you had the good sense to install a home water filter!

Energy for Love

Your home water filter provides for better-tasting water through the elimination of odor-causing contaminants. You will then be encouraged to drink more than your average 4 glasses and aim for the recommended 8 glasses of water, just because you thirst for its refreshing taste.

When you drink more water, you get more physical health benefits like increased energy and levels of concentration, delayed aging, enhanced muscle tone and bone strength, and improved hormone production. Your overall appearance improves and your emotional moods become more manageable. Of course, you should not forget to eat a balanced diet and to engage in regular exercise to complement your water drinking habits.

Imagine what you and your sweetheart can do with all these physical and mental benefits. You can engage in prolonged lovemaking with increased energy, sustain more intimate conversations with enhanced levels of concentration, and deepen your relationship with manageable moods. Of course, it helps to take showers purified by the home water filter together!

Skin and Hair for Love

Human love expresses itself most eloquently in touch. When you were starting out, you cannot keep each others’ paws, er, hands to yourselves. You loved to touch every nook and cranny of each others’ bodies and caress the silken length of hair.

Unfortunately, familiarity can breed contempt. And even if it does not, the hard water from your taps can dry out your skin and cause hair problems like dandruff, eczema, and discoloration. Maybe then, your partner will shy away from touching you like before.

But have no fear. Your hard water can be treated with a house water filter to turn it into the more skin-friendly soft water. With regular use, you will notice healthier and softer skin coupled with shinier and bouncier hair. You will also be savings tons on hair salon visits because your soft water will not wash away the hair treatments you had. Again, you will be saving money for love!

So, if your relationship needs a serious boost, you can always try the benefits of soft water courtesy of a home water filter!

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