Consumers are searching for ultra violet water purifiers as a way to improve their drinking tap water safety. The publics are more aware of the environmental impacts and questioning the quality of bottled water, many are turning to tap water and need to find ways to improve it.

Although tap water is usually being treated with chlorine or chloramines, the most popular method of water disinfections, water can still be infected while travel through pipe-lines to our homes.

No matter how well water is treated at the water distribution plant, it is impossible for cities to replace all water lines every few years. Chances are, these water lines are as old as or even older than your home. Aging pipes can break, leach contaminants into the water they carry and breed bacteria - all potential prescription for illness. Water scale, dirt, contaminants are forming around the water line. Have you ever changed the plumbing or faucet at your home? You will notice that there is black stuff collecting around the pipe. Imagine how much of the unwanted stuff follows the water and enters your home? There are dirt, heavy metal, pesticide, microorganisms and even cross contaminants from sewer (as most of the time, water lines and sewer lines are installed just a few feet apart).

Chlorination is necessary to kill waterborne bacteria. But some species of bacteria are resistant to chlorine like the Cryptosporidium parvum and the Giardia lamblia. Healthy adults can drink tap water with not much to worry about. However, young children, pregnant women, the elders and those with weak immune system, are vulnerable to waterborne disease-causing bacteria and other contaminants. Since water is accounted for 65 - 70% of our bodies' weight, it is in the blood, the brains, the lungs, the bones and many other parts; it can do a lot of damage if it is not clean and bacteria free. Symptoms may include: fatigue, diarrhea, stomach cramp, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea etc...There is an estimated that about 7 million Americans become sick from water contaminants each year.

Best way to protect your family from getting sick is to install a quality water filter. There are a few things to consider which one best fit your need. First check with your water supplier for a report of water quality, which will list all possible contaminants in the water. Second, do some research and find a filter that removes the contaminants of concern in your tap water. Be sure the filter is independently certified by NSF to remove the contaminants. Third, maintain the filter at least as often as the manufacturer recommends to make sure you have clean water.

I have used a few types of water filters in the past 20 years or so, and I like the activated carbon- block with ultra violet water purifier best. The carbon-block filter is capable of trapping over 140 water contaminants as small as 300% smaller than the diameter of a human hair and reduce the chlorine taste. The ultra violet light inside the carbon-block filter will light when water passes through destroying 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that might be in the water. This combination of filtration in one simple unit provides my family and 35 million others quality, safe and clean drinking water right from the tap.

Want to protect your family from getting sick? Look into the carbon-block with ultra violet water purifiers and choose one that will do the job for you, rather than having the kidneys as a filter. As recommended, filters need to be changed after certain period of time. The kidneys stay with us for a lifetime. In case if it needs changing, that will cost so much more than just the cost of the filter. Wouldn't you agree?

Stop throwing money away buying bottled water and save the earth, invest in a dual cartridge ultraviolet water purifier can save your health. This patented ultra violet water purifier is voted "World's Best Source of Water" for a reason!

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