Under sink water filters are an extremely handy thing to have. They allow you the convenience of having clean, safe drinking water coming out of a separate faucet on your kitchen sink that can also be used for cooking. It will require either a plumber or someone with professional experience to install an under sink water filter. Once it is done though, there is very little maintenance. There are several different kinds of under sink water filters. The one you need will depend on how contaminated your water is.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

This is typically the most powerful type of under sink water filters. It is excellent for removing lead, arsenic, copper, chlorine, cadmium, giardia, pesticides, salt, trihalomethanes, sulfates, cysts, nitrates, as well as some bacteria and viruses. However there some disadvantages to a reverse osmosis filtering system. For one, it tends to waste a lot of water in the filtering process. Second, it will filter out the good minerals that your body needs as well as the bad. Before choosing this type of system, get your water tested. Use a reverse osmosis system only if your water is full of contaminants and bacteria. Then get yourself some trace minerals from the health food store to replace the healthy minerals you would be missing. If you decide to go for a simpler system than a complete reverse osmosis unit, the two best under sink water filters on the market right now are:

Aquasana - Aquasana water filters were voted ‘best buy’ by Consumer Magazine 5 years in a row. That shows great quality. They have a basic under sink water filter as well as a deluxe model. Their water filters are priced great and have a good manufacturer’s warranty which is very important.

Crystal Quest - Crystal Quest has been around a long time and has over 30 years of industry expertise. Their water filters are known for being of excellent quality and produce some of the healthiest and great-tasting water around. They also come with an excellent manufacturer’s warranty.

These two under sink water filters use a combination of filter technologies which is why they are so great. They use one or more of these technologies:

  • ATS Ion Exchange - removes heavy metals like lead
  • Carbon Block - removes chemicals that cause bad taste and odor
  • Doultion Ceramic - removes biological contaminants
  • KDF-55 - removes heavy metals and kills bacteria
  • UltraFiltration - removes extremely small contaminants

Our tap water has been shown to have traces of prescription drugs, including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones. That is scary stuff. Finding a great under sink water filter can help to ensure that you are drinking and cooking with clean and safe water.

To learn much more about under sink water filters as well as to find whole house water filters visit Get-Water-Filters.com where you’ll find this and much more, including great information on refrigerator water filters.

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