Let's say you get a shower head water filter. That's great in and of itself, but you can't just attach it and forget about it - not if you want to have healthy water to shower in, anyway. In order for the shower head water filter to work, it needs the help of a water filter cartridge. All of the gunk that the filter takes out of your water has to go somewhere. It stays in the water filter replacement cartridges instead of spreading all throughout the filter.

Easy To Replace

With the best water filters, replacing the cartridges is an easy task. And you don't have to do replace them all of the time. For example, with the best quality shower filters, you only need to replace the water filter cartridges about twice a year. This translates to about every 10,000 gallons of water. You need to check the directions of your particular filter to be sure about when to replace the cartridges.

Some companies even make this easier for you by sending your water filter replacement cartridges automatically to you when you when you need them. This is an added extra service, but it can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. You can order direct from the water filter's manufacturer (if they offer this service) or you can check with any mail order store that sells water filters.

Any kind of quality water filter is going to use removable water filter cartridges as a means of getting the bad stuff in your water out of your water and into the trash. It's not just shower head filters that use cartridges, but many countertop water filters, faucet filters and under the counter water filters. Even many filters for aquariums use a cartridge system.

What's In There?

Depending on the brand and make of your water filter replacement cartridges, your filtering media will be one of several biodegradable materials. You really don't want to open up the actual cartridge and play with the stuff in there, so I'll just give a description of what is inside of a water filter cartridge.

Some cartridges have granulated activated charcoal (GAC) in the mix with other ingredients that we'll look at shortly. You want to avoid plain charcoal filter water filter replacement cartridges. Plain carbon isn't very good at filtering out bacteria. Once bacteria gets in the charcoal, it usually sets up camp and reproduces rapidly.

You'll find that many brand name water filters boast about having carbon-free filters and water filter cartridges. They are filled, instead, with mineral salts, coconut shell, coal and a copper and zinc alloy mixture. They are sold under rather fancy names like Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (usually shorted to KDF or KDF-55). Chlorgon is the name of one of the most popular mineral salt filtration media. Some believe that Chlorgon works best when it's mixed with KDF-55 and not on its own. This is because KDF works best in warm water only.

In conclusion, water filter replacement cartridges are the heart of your water filter. If you want healthy water, you need to pay attention to them.

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