OK, let's looks at this. How much time and effort did you take to research your water filtration system? Now you're willing to render the entire system useless to save a few bucks on the water filter replacement cartridges? Houston, we've got a problem...

Just so we're on the same page here, we agree it is absolutely necessary to change the water filter replacement cartridges on a regular basis, according to the manufacturer's instructions. With so many pesticides and chlorine in our water it is essential that we change our water filter cartridges periodically, to assure optimum performance.

And, yes, in today's fast paced world water filtration is more important than ever. Clean, pure and healthy water is not a luxury. It's a necessity. Given the number of contaminants found in our water today, we should not forget the importance of water filter replacement cartridges. Water filter cartridges are the backbone of the system and have value that far exceeds the cost of replacement.

Let's not forget, chlorine is put into the water, by water treatment facilities to kill bacteria in the water. The harmful effects of the bacteria are resolved, but that doesn't mean the end result is healthy for us to consume. What we get not only doesn't taste good, it's not healthy for consumption, either.

Water filter replacement cartridges in our in-home systems can remove chlorine, as long as the filters are new and functioning properly. It may be a hard thing to remember, but replacing those water filter cartridges is very important.

Choosing the correct filters is important, too. Without the correct water filter replacement cartridges, our units can leak and the quality of the end product may be compromised. Less costly imitations of the manufacturer's original parts are available at many outlets. But, cheap replacement cartridges are not the place to skimp. The only way to be sure that your water filtration units are doing their job is to buy the original water filter cartridges specifically designed for use with your water filtration system.

Try ordering your replacement filters directly from the manufacturer. That's one way you can often save some money. There is even one program that will send your water filter cartridges out automatically, so that you never have to "try" to remember to replace them.

With your health at stake, do you really want to compromise the water filtration system that you have chosen to install in your home? If the less expensive water filter replacement cartridges do an inferior job, is the minimal savings worth the risk? Unless you're willing to take several water samples and send them to a lab to verify that the less expensive water filter replacement cartridges are actually performing as well as the manufacturer's replacement filters, why risk it?

Some of the less expensive filters are designed to remove the contaminants that are reasonably easy to notice, such as chlorine, so that you think they are doing the job. But, if they do not contain the additional stages necessary to block heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants, then you're pretty much back where you started - confidently drinking contaminants!

Don't forget, a quality water filter replacement cartridge, maintained in good condition has added, cost savings, benefits, such as protecting your household plumbing from corrosion and enabling you to produce your own "healthy" bottled water.

Frankly, we all want to save money, especially with fuel prices being what they are. It's just that water filter cartridges are too important. It's not like we're trying a store brand of orange juice. The inferior taste is obvious, so we simply don't buy it again. With inexpensive water filter replacement cartridges their performance is not as obvious. If they are not blocking the chemicals and other harmful contaminants readily available in our water, you probably won't know.

Let's face it, high levels of any chemicals harm the body. Good water filter replacement cartridges remove harmful chemicals and protect us from the harmful effects they have on our health and well being. When considering water filter cartridges, keep in mind they are akin to health insurance.

Remember to use water filter replacement cartridges recommended for your system, and replace them in a timely manner or sign up for an automatic ship program, if that's easier for you. It's just the safest thing to do.

So, don't skimp on water filter cartridges, unless of course, shooting yourself is an appealing option...

Mark Hegge - Dedicated to researching and improving the quality of the water we consume. For more information on multiple filtration Home Water Purifiers visit the following website: http://www.purified-and-clean-water.com

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