Whole house water filter products are increasing in popularity now as more people become aware of the risks of only having drinking water purified. We can actually absorb more toxins by other activities.

These types of systems treat all the water that comes into your home and so all the various uses like cooking, bathing and showering are all covered.

Whole house water filters can be installed in just a couple of hours by a plumber and only need a simple filter change once every six months. This is the most cost effective way to have your supply treated, and can work out to as little as 10 cents a gallon.

With over 2000 toxic chemicals in the supply including pesticides, prescription drugs, lead and chlorine, it is vital to get the right system. When we shower for example we absorb as many toxins as we would if we drank 2 liters of unfiltered water.

This is because our pores open up and it is easy for the toxic gases in the steam to enter into our system. It is a fact that you have a 93% higher chance of getting cancer if you use chlorinated water.

For this reason it is vital to select carefully. Many systems will remove some of the contaminants but only the very few great ones will remove them all, especially the chlorine.

The best whole house water filter uses a multi-stage process with an ion exchange and sub micron filtering. This will result in a removal rate of 99% for all the contaminants, whilst leaving in the trace minerals like calcium and magnesium.

With more toxins being discovered every day in our supplies (you may have heard about the rocket fuel recently found in one test), it is essential to choose the best, but this does not necessarily mean the most expensive.

For example the reverse osmosis systems are not recommended as they remove vital trace minerals we need to be healthy and can cost over three times as much as a more effective multi-stage one.

In closing I hope you can see the benefits of having whole house water filters to protect all your water, not only what you drink, and how there are many good ones but only a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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By: Ray Hamilton

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