Iron Water Filter

When you have extremely hard water, an iron water filter will generally take care of the problem. These units are unlike the regular activated carbon filters you usually find. They are specifically designed to remove iron, and when the filter is full, it flushes the iron deposits down the drain and starts over. This is a more common problem with drilled wells that municipal water, generally. Iron deposits in the water table find their way into wells very easily, and the amount in the water can vary. Some have only a trace amount, while a neighboring well could be producing orange tinted water that leaves stains on every fixture in the house.

The damage done by iron and other mineral deposits in your water supply just to the home are expensive. Plumbing can corrode, and have to be replaced. Water heaters can be filled with deposits that require you to drain and flush them every four to six months. Elements in water heaters can be damaged by deposits and need replacing as well. Faucet mounted filters do the job, but are limited to the tap they are connected to.
For severe cases of iron in the water supply, having all the water coming in treated is the best option. Once you know the iron content of your water you can get the right system for the job. From a simple activated carbon filter to a specially designed iron water filter, know your needs before weighing the options and making your water system purchase decision.

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