If you have decided to buy and install a water filtering system in your house and have been in a specialized shop, you must have noticed that there are several types of such systems. But what is the most appropriate for you and your family?

In order to establish what water filtering system you should buy, you should know some facts about the most common water filtering systems on the market.

Pitcher filters have several advantages over other such systems because they are very easy to use. They actually are a huge recipient in which you pour the water that passes through a series of filters to go to the main canister. It has the advantage of speed, as pitcher water filters take only several minutes to filter all the water. However, because they cannot filter large quantities at a time, pitcher filters are only recommended if you need filtered water occasionally.

If you require a water filtering system that works around the clock to protect you and your family, you should choose a faucet mounted filter. They are installed under your faucet to filter all the water that reaches your home. They have the advantage of being permanently installed in your house, so all the cold water gets filtered for safe use.

However, faucet mounted filters are somewhat more expensive and they take a bit longer to install compared to a pitcher water filter. You may also need to replace the filter from under your faucet when it has lived its life. The water filter's lifespan depends on the materials they are made of and how much cold water you use.

At the same time, there are several types of faucet mounted filters (there are simpler filters, with only one filtering system and there are more advanced models, that have several such filters).

If you live in an area where the cold water is not appropriate for human consumption, you should buy a water filtering system right away. They work by passing the water through different materials and layers of filtering materials, absorbing all the debris found in the water and also killing all existing bacteria. You can avoid many medical problems by only consuming water that has passed through a water filtering system.

Water filtering systems are very affordable nowadays and they are not considered a luxury item anymore, but a vital part of your family's safety.

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