Do you know why you should use water filters? And furthermore do you know what water filters you should use? Take two minutes and find out how to safeguard your family.

(1) The best drinking water filters provide us with the best quality water we can get. The best drinking water filter can improve our life, enhance our performance and increase our energy levels by providing what our bodies crave...99.99% pure drinking water.

70% of our body weight is water. We have to replace and replenish that water on a regular basis or face illness. Each person should consume gallons of water every day, but many do not, because their water doesn't taste fresh or it smells like chlorine. Good water filters will put the joy back into drinking water.

(2) Pure water is important in more ways than one, the water that we take in may contain bacteria that can cause diarrhea, which can be life threatening to small children, the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system. Chlorine is added to the water at the treatment facility to remove disinfect the water.

But, some bacteria are resistant to chlorine. Cryptosporidium cysts, for example, are not killed by chlorine. Only a water filter with a micron particle stage can stop cryptosporidium at the cyst stage and protect your family's health.

(3) The average drinking water filter is carbon based. Carbon activated drinking water filters remove chlorine and chemicals, but other stages are needed to remove different things. It all really depends on what's in your water and without laboratory testing, the only safe thing to do is buy a water filter that can address all of the problems that "could" be in your water.

(4) Some drinking water filters (like reverse osmosis and distillation) remove trace minerals that are good for your health. The best drinking water filters "balance" the mineral content, instead. So, in areas where high mineral content or "hard" water is a problem, hard minerals are replaced with "softer minerals". A water filter that has a ion exchange stage is the right choice for well balanced mineral content.

Drinking water filters have been around for a long time. In India they had a crude drinking water filter that was used for ages. It consisted of a big round clay pot. The impurities would be absorbed by the clay and the remaining water tasted sweet and refreshing. With modern science we have perfected the technology and now can filter a number of things that are not good for us, but some water filters are stuck in the dark ages.

(5) Chlorine removal is just one thing that a water filter can do to improve our water. Some companies stop there. Other water filters go the extra mile by reducing harmful pollutants like pesticides and herbicides. Remember, anything that goes down the drain or on the ground eventually ends up in the ground water and our drinking water reservoirs

We use thousands of chemicals every day, thoughtlessly. Industries have spills, as do gas stations and repair shops. We have our grass treated with pesticides. We use herbicides to kill weeds. We wash medicines down the drain. All of this stuff ends up in the water.

It is important to be careful about what you flush down the drain or pour on the ground, but you have to realize that other people may not be so careful. The only way to protect your family is by investing in good drinking water filters for every tap in the house.


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