Do you know how you first got a Maytag water filter? The truth of the matter is that it probably came with your refrigerator, and you mainly use it because of its convenience. Do you think that replacement cartridges for a Maytag water filter have been designed to be a top-notch water filtration mechanism, particularly when they come as standard equipment with most new refrigerators? Probably not! Here's how Maytag sees it. Most customers are now elated that they have purchased a new Maytag water filtration system. However, the Maytag filter manufacturer is smiling widely because you have just become their long-term customer! You will more than likely be purchasing these replacement cartridges for the next twenty years!There are many benefits to owning filters that many people may totally be unaware of. You receive the same benefits no matter if you have a counter top unit or house water filters:

* What it serves to do is to take the lead out of the water before you drink it.

* When you buy a countertop model, this results in getting healthy, clean water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

* A filter removes chlorine as well as chlorine byproducts from your drinking water, reducing the very big risk of getting colon cancer, rectal cancer and bladder cancer.

* This has the capacity to give you pure, healthful water that can be used to cook with or to drink.

* Gastrointestinal diseases are reduced by over 33% by having the filter remove giardia and cryptographic from water.

* Water filters can remove more than 2100 toxic materials from drinking water.

Maytag water filters come in different types but all are beneficial to you. The succeed in meeting the suggested 99% of toxins in water by using an activated carbon filter.

Choosing a water filter for your home is a choice that should be made with care. There are many products out there, researching before you choose can make all the difference. Some water filters do not prevent toxic gasses from entering your home. These gasses are in the water lines and there are filters available to prevent them from entering your home. Some filters also have a much shorter capacity to filter and will need to be changed more often, all these things and more should be considered when choosing a water filter system.


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