It is a fact that every little bit helps! One of the biggest landfill and waste pollution problems is plastic water bottles! They are clogging up landfills, killing water life, and ruining our beautiful land and oceans. There are many solutions to reducing plastic waste. We can choose to recycle them, but a better choice would be to filter our own tap water, and stop purchasing them all together.

A good quality water filter is the perfect solution to the glut of plastic water bottle waste. Simply hook them up to your faucet or water supply, and your water is filtered and safe to drink. It is important to know what is in your water by having it tested by a qualified lab. Once you know what contaminants are in your water, purchase an NSF certified water filter to insure that the contaminants found are what the filter removes. (NSF insures that the filter you are buying is certified to reduce the contaminants that may be found in your water). Also make sure to check with the manufacturer of that filter to see if their product removes the contaminants you want out.

Another great option for people on the go, is reusable water bottles with a filter built right in. Many water filter companies are developing water filter bottles to help stop plastic waste. These reusable water filter bottles are designed to filter any water, anywhere.

Brita has developed The Brita Bottle:

• The Brita Bottle has been tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of chlorine (taste and odor) and particulate reduction (class VI).

• Replace filter every 128 servings, 20 gallons or roughly every two months

• Bottles are BPA free and recyclable

Smart Planet Eco filtered water Bottle:

• filters for better taste, odor, heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants

• Can filter up to 100 gallons

• Replacement for disposable bottles

• BPA free

• These water filter bottles are NOT NSF Certified

Multi-Pure's Wriggle water filter bottle: (not yet released)

• Has an activated carbon filter which claims to remove, organic contaminants from regular municipal tap water

• Meets or exceeds NSF International Standard 42 for chlorine, taste and odor reduction

• filter life, 2 months or 40 gallons/150 litres.

Hydros water filter Bottle:

• Lasts for 3 months (approximately 150 uses)

• We are tested to the ANSI/ NSF standard 42 for water filtration

• reduces chlorine, chloramines and particulates

• natural anti-microbial which helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria

• Writers note: I was NOT able to find any proof of NSF certification

It is a fact. Using a water filter instead of purchasing bottled water is helping to reduce plastic bottle waste. The more choices we can give consumers, the better. filtering your own tap water with a high quality filter saves the environment, your budget, and could possibly improve your health! It is a win, win, win, for all. Good health to you!

Buying a hiking water filter is essential for your next hiking trip. Unless you'll be using some sort of chemical decontaminant, which doesn't work on residues in water like pesticides and chemicals from nearby factories, you'll need to filter all your water before drinking it or cooking with it. Boiling water is a pain too, so the best thing you can do is find a great hiking filter that really fulfills your needs.

Looking at portable water filter reviews is, of course, one of the best ways to find out what others think about different types of portable water filtration and purification systems for hiking. However, you need to know what you're looking for in the reviews! Before you pick out your next hiking filter , make sure it meets these top five criteria of things to look for:

1. Easy to Use
There are several different hiking water filter types available on the market today. The two most popular are gravity filters and pump filters, though hikers who want more water more quickly are usually happiest with pump filters. There are also personal filters on the market for water bottles. Look at different options, but make sure whichever filter you choose is easy to use.

2. Field Serviceable
Most portable water filtration systems have a tendency to lock-up at some point or another, and you need to make sure you can fix this problem on the trail without compromising the filtration system. The best water filters for hiking are easy to service in the field. Your filter should also be simple to backwash, so that you can keep it clean as you're using it every day.

3. Effective
Of course, effectiveness is a huge thing to look for in a water filtration system. This, though, depends on exactly what you want. A fiberglass filter will get out many of the bacteria in the water but may leave the water tasting like it does coming from the source. This can be a good thing if you want to experience the mineral taste of mountain springs. However, a carbon filter added to this will get out most of the minerals and chemicals, leaving water tasting like bottled water from the store. Either way is fine, but do make sure your water will at least be free from disease-causing organisms.

4. Size and Weight
When you're hiking, your portable water filtration device needs to be small and compact. Just how small and compact depends on how light you need to travel and how many people you're filtering water for. Some hiking water filters can be used for four or five hikers but still weigh only a few ounces. Check out portable water filter reviews to see how a unit's size and weight stand up against other models in the field.

5. Durability
Because a hiking water filter is often designed to be as small and lightweight as possible, some companies sacrifice durability for lighter weight parts. This can be a problem though. If your filtration device breaks in the field, you could be up a creek without a paddle, so to speak. You should always take a backup method, such as a UV filter or a chemical filter, with you, but you also want to check reviews to make sure your water filter is most likely to stand the test of time on a hiking trip.

Hiking water filter Reviews With so many excellent brands and hiking water filter models currently available, sifting through them all to find the one that's the best fit for you can be a cumbersome task. The easiest way to simplify this process is by having a look at portable water filter reviews online to see what other hikers & campers e to say about the particular models.

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