Inline Water Filter

An inline water filter is designed to remove impurities in water before it even gets to your home. Connected at the incoming water pipe, it can be a simple filter, or a series of them, depending on the water quality. When using these systems, the water at every tap will be clean. It can save wear and tear on the plumbing system, and keep deposits in the water heater to a minimum, prolonging it's life. The savings from no longer buying bottled water will allow the unit to pay for itself in very little time. Most of the simpler units use activated carbon to trap the impurities, allowing the clean water to flow through. More severe water contamination may require a more complex system to remove everything, have your water tested to find out what your needs will be.

While there are at the source water filters that attach to the faucet or shower head, or even under the sink, whole house water treatment makes more sense when you have questionable water quality. This type of system will save wear and tear on your plumbing and water heater in a way faucet mounts can't. Several styles and types of systems are available on the market for any water problem. Knowing what you need before shopping for an inline water filter can save you a lot of time, trouble and money. Do your homework on the many options available that will do the job you need it to do, with maintenance you can handle on your own.

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