Many people all over the world are following the idea of great healthy tasting water and are finding it more and more convenient to purchase the bottled water in convenient 8oz, 12 oz and 20 ounce size plastic containers. These will easily fit into a purse, backpack or you can pack multiple bottles in a cooler.

Now with the cost of these plastic bottles between 69 cents and $2.00, the average household purchases a case of these bottles each weeks. That could come to a cost of almost $200 per month to use the bottled water.

Having a drinking water filter and using in to create your own bottled water is considerably less expensive. A drinking water filter can be purchased under twenty dollars and be used for a long time before the filter needs replacing and then the filters are under ten dollars to replace.

You can use a plastic container or two and load them with water filtered with your drinking pitcher or faucet mount filter. Place these filled bottles into your refrigerator and they are ready to go whenever you are. These can be ready and just as convenient as the purchased bottled water. Actually there is no difference except the cost savings over an extended period of time.

Companies are even creating a specific bottled water filter that you can use on the go. It is rather clever because when out on the town you can conveniently pack this into your purse and use water from the tap from anywhere and this equipment device will filter the water through into a drinking bottle which is free from contaminants.


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