It shouldn’t be much to ask to have clean water pouring from your faucets. However, not many of us know what exactly is in the water we drink. We know that it’s processed somewhere at our local water treatment plant, but what about the impurities that can collect in the water during the trip from the treatment plant to our homes?

What if bacteria or other impurities get in the water and then you ingest them by drinking the water you assume is safe? You can do something about your water purity and you don’t have to spend a fortune doing it. There are many ways you can make a homemade water filter and you can use some objects you probably already have around the house.

Coffee Filters

When you prepare coffee in the morning, you fill the coffee maker up with water, you put the coffee in a filter and then you turn it on. Why do you use a filter? Well, for one, you use a filter so that you don’t get a coffee cup full of coffee grounds but you also use it to get rid of impurities and other such substances that may be in the water or the coffee itself.

These coffee filters don’t just have to be used for coffee, however. You can fit a coffee filter over a pitcher, or even your kitchen faucet and you can pour the water through it into the pitcher, and then stick it in your refrigerator. When you’re ready to drink, you have cold, fresh, clean water that you purified yourself using a homemade water filter.

The trick is to look around your house for anything that might help you remove the impurities from your water. Store bought water filters are great but why waste your money if you can make a homemade water filter? By using a little innovation and a lot of imagination, you can find a homemade water filter so that you can have fresh, clean drinking water and you can save your money that you would have wasted on a store bought filter.

Just remember, that store bought filters are meant to last a long time, whereas a homemade water filter probably won’t last more than one or two times. So, you could save money making a homemade water filter but if you’re looking for quality and a brand name you can trust, your best bet is to spring for the store bought filter.


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