Health professionals have been recommending eight glasses of water per day for years, but do you really want to drink eight whole glasses if your water is full of problems? Probably not, and you may even worry about the quality of water that you and your family drink.

Since the water throughout the country differs from location to location and from water system to water system, the water coming out of each individual tap different in quality as well. You know that if you ever visited someone who lives any distance away, their water can smell and taste completely different from the water you get at home. Due to contaminants in tap water, people who are health minded enough to drink water daily generally drink water from bottles or use water filters in their home.

People who turn to filtration systems can save a lot of money buy using their filtered tap water instead of purchasing a regular supply of bottled water. The filtration systems generally used in homes rely on water filter cartridges of some type of another. These water filter cartridges vary from system to system in the way that they work. Anyone considering the purchase and installation for a filtration system for their water should learn more about the variations in water filter cartridges, including how they work and the costs associated with each system.

One type of filtration system available is the system that covers the entire home. This means that one system will filter the water for every faucet in your home. Chemicals and particles are removed from the water you use to cook with or drink, as well as the water that you use to shower and brush your teeth. It would even filter the water used to wash clothing or dishes. An added benefit to this type of system is that you can choose to soften the water coming into your home. Because these systems are high-end and more expensive, they almost always offer a quality service.

Another type of water filter is the pitcher filter. You can purchase a pitcher or other water dispenser that has a filter in it. As the water is used, you can refill the container or pitcher. The container or pitcher can be housed on your counter, or even in your fridge if you prefer cold drinking water. These little filter systems also use water filter cartridges, which will need to be replaced as the filter is used. The quality of the water and the length of time each of the water filter cartridges lasts depends on the quality of the filtering product that you purchase.

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