Today, we are more aware of the dangers of pollution and better able to check into what we eat and drink. Most people use bottled drinking water at least occasionally and use water filters at home to make their water taste better. Using water from a city facility means getting clean water but it comes at a price.

The naturally-occurring algae and bacteria are removed from the water by chlorine which can leave an odor and sometimes a taste. The corrosion of old pipe systems can result in lead, rust, copper and other types of contaminants.

Well water can be even worse. Contaminants from polluted ground water can include sulfur, arsenic, lead and many other pollutants. Many companies make filters for whole house filtration, drinking water filtration and even filters for the ice maker. The Hamilton Beach water filter takes a different tack.

Yummy, Yummy

The Hamilton Beach water filter is built into the Hamilton Beach coffee makers. To keep whatever contaminants are found in a home’s drinking water from affecting the taste of home-brewed coffee, the Hamilton Beach water filter works to remove any odor-causing, nasty-tasting bits and pieces that were missed by the filter on the kitchen sink and to vastly improve unfiltered water.

This is more than the paper filters that keep coffee grounds out of the beverage, of course. It features small pods that grab minute pollutants and stop the chlorine from getting into your coffee.

Like all good filters, the Hamilton Beach water filters stops the pollutants by absorbing them. Depending on the quality of your water, your Hamilton Beach water filter will have to be replaced after a certain amount of time. You may be able to tell by its appearance or by a change in the taste of the coffee.

A replacement Hamilton Beach water filter is simple to find, inexpensive to buy and easy to install. In all, for the connoisseur of coffee or for someone who cares about pure food and water, the added purification of the Hamilton Beach water filter is a good deal.

It makes little sense to choose the finest coffee and the best coffee brewing system and then allow impure water to get between you and the finest cup of coffee that you can make. The company that cares enough to design a water filter for its brewer must have included many other good ideas for good coffee as well.

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