* What are the different kinds of filters and purifiers?

There are various types of filters and purifiers. Air filters and purifiers have a filter process that provides a clean, non-polluted and refreshing atmosphere.

Water filters and purifiers are available where the liquid is separated into particles.

There are also different kinds of electric and optical equipment that do not permit the vibration and certain frequencies to pass over a receptor. This is also used in air filters and purifiers.

* What can a good filter or purifier do?

A good purifier removes the unnecessary stuff that will create a harmful effects to certain equipment or the human body. For example in an air filter system, it removes the dust and air particles that create an allergic reaction to the environment of a home.

Most individuals choose to have a purification method because they want germ-free surroundings. They may have asthma or allergies to dust or molds. Filters and purifiers help to remove various types of microbes, germs viruses and other forms of molds.

* What can a good filter or purifier NOT do?

There are certain controversies that arise when it comes to a good filter or purifier. For instance, an air purifier exerts an anti-ozone gas. This anti-ozone gas secretes substances that affect nature’s condition and can destroy the ozone layer.

Another thing, there are some filters and purifiers that can only sort out microbes but cannot eradicate them completely, so as an effect of this, those microbes continue to grow inside the filter or purifier.

* How much does a good purifier cost?

There are inexpensive basic air, sand or water purifiers that can function well. The cost of the purifiers depends upon its brand or model. The feature also affects the cost. For example, certain air purifiers have a feature that specifically helps get rid of smoke, chemicals and other unnecessary gases. The name of the brand, technology, warranty, shipment process and manufacturer can also influence the price of filter/purifier.

Normally a good type of purifier ranges from $2500 up to $3000. You can often find a good deal when purchasing filters or purifiers.

* Which are the best brands of purifiers?

There are various types of purifying machines available in the market. Each kind of purifier has various functions and different methods for various purposes.

Nevertheless, the outstanding brands use a HEPA filter system. HEPA filter systems get rid of the chemical gases, residues from the air or water.

* What should I look for in a filter or purifier?

A good filter or purifier system must work in a unique way. It should come with two or more chambers so that the filtration system will work well. If the system has more chambers, it will lessen the amount of residue and other harmful bacteria to penetrate in the filter. The more the chambers, the more effecient and less stressful on the filter.

The purifying system should be highly effective against microbes present in the surroundings. The filter system must have a good anti-microorganism standard in order to lessen the possibilities for the organism to penetrate.

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