Shower head water filters were once deemed an optional fixture. Today, more people are realizing that these filters provide very important benefits. Benefits that most of us would want for our families and that's one reason they are becoming increasingly popular.

Below are some of the best reasons for investing in shower head water filters for your home.

Fewer Contaminants

Most of us want to believe that the water coming into our homes is safe. However, recent research suggests otherwise. Some studies have found more than 2,000 chemicals in drinking water that have been linked to cancer. Our water supply also contains chlorine - a chemical used to treat our water in our out-of-date water filtration centers. One study found that the risk of cancer was 93% higher in individuals who were exposed to chlorine than those who were not.

While those statistics are bad for our drinking water, the American Journal of Public Health reported that about two-thirds of the health problems associated with chlorine are a result of the chemical being absorbed by the skin during showers.

Remember that during a warm shower the pores in your skin are wide open. That chlorine or other chemicals in the water can very easily be absorbed by your body.

Using shower head water filters can prevent your skin from being exposed to these dangerous chemicals.

Improved Appearance

All of those dangerous chemicals in the water can have a negative impact on your health but that's not the only damage they can do. Chlorine and other chemicals can cause your skin to become dry, especially in the winter when you're more likely to take warmer showers and baths.

Those chemicals can also increase the risk of eye irritation. Just think about how your eyes feel when you get pool water in them. That same problem can happen when you take a shower in chlorinated water.

The dangerous water can also dry out your hair leading to dandruff and brittleness.

When you use shower head water filters, however, you don't have to worry about those problems as much. You'll end up looking and feeling better.

Reduced Health Problems

While we have already talked about the dangers of the chlorine found in our water, there is another risk involved with this chemical. Chlorine is harmful when absorbed by the skin but also when it is inhaled. When you accidentally swallow water or breathe in the steam from a hot shower, you are actually pulling chlorine into your lungs.

Does this have negative affects on the body? The answer is almost definitely yes. In fact, a study of the U. S. Olympic swim team found that about 25% of its members had asthma linked to repeated inhalation of chlorine thanks to the pools. When you consider that the water coming into our homes has just as much or even more chlorine in it when compared to those swimming pools, you can understand why some people suspect asthma and bronchitis in the general population may also be linked to chlorine inhalation.

The good news is shower head water filters remove the chlorine and reduce these health risks, too.

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