RO water basically mean water produced by the process of Reverse Osmosis. Osmosis in science basically is the process where 2 types of liquid being separated by a membrane, the specific molecule from four solvent will move from a higher saturation to a lower four until 2 sides reach the same saturation level, by the law of nature. So, the key term here is membrane (or filter) and the direction of the flow. By allowing only certain type of molecule (mainly water or H2O are of smaller size) to pass through in term of size and reverse the osmosis flow direction.

So this can only be done by forcing the water to flow through a filter (trapping all contaminant including minerals), thus achieve the purpose of tidy and pure water.

RO purified and cleaned the water, which is lovely and the purpose of the RO process, however it has also cleaned away actual water benefits to the users. Though the reverse osmosis filter potentially clears minerals, it also removes minerals that are essential for our bodies. Besides that, the filtering also leaves chlorine behind. Although the water supposed to be purified and cleaned, you can still get the distinct chlorine smell occasionally which could be hazardous to our body if they kept on consuming plenty of this. Sometimes, bacteria and viruses are also not removed from the water content by the Reverse Osmosis Filters that will cause various illnesses to us.

Another disadvantages that RO water filter uses a huge amount of water throughout the technique. Large quantity of water being used and wasted through the RO filtration system. The process want plenty of water as massive water pressure is required to push through the membrane. Studies showed that only up to a maximum of 20 percent of the water effectively going into the technique. It has been proven to be an costly and wasteful water purification technique. In order to provide your relatives with safe and tidy water, you basically do not wanna waste currency on costly reverse-osmosis water filters where there's more affordable and better water filter technique available?

A multi-stage water purification system that do not waste water, remove all unwanted contaminants but retain the lovely trace of minerals which is essential to our body will be recommended. A water filtration technique that offers a more advanced, complete and also more affordable water filtration and purification technique to reverse osmosis filters is always worth considering. Don't just be fooled by the term of "Pure Water" or "Clean Water", do your research before seriously placing your currency in purchasing one, which actually benefit your family and your financial as well.

Beside wasting huge volume of water, reverse osmosis filter also consume plenty of electricity. Additional electricity is being required to work the pumps which pressurize the water to enter the technique. This means that both your electricity bill and water bill will go up higher! Besides that, the RO water filter will wanna be cleaned or replaced frequently because of unnecessary large amount of water being pressurized to pass through. It is therefore more costly to maintain than other normal water filter technique.

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Alvyn Khoo is a health researcher on water purification issues. He helped 2 teams of people promoting home water purifier from 2 reputable companies in Asia but later decided to stay independent and neutral on his patient in home water purifiers system. Visit his site now at to get the facts on how to choose the best water purification system. Drinking water is best consumed as pure as the nature originally intended.


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