Do you want pure home water for your whole family to enjoy? That's a goal you share with many people, but it is also a goal that has become much harder to reach in recent years. The contamination of our water supply forced us to look at new methods of pure water technology.

We have been inadvertently injecting chemical contaminants into our waterways for several decades; this had made obtaining pure home water near impossible. Thousands of these toxic chemicals are in our reservoirs, and of these, at least 2,100 have been identified as carcinogenic. Chlorine is the worst of these carcinogens, because you absolutely cannot avoid it.

The water you drink from the faucet in your home has been run through the disinfection process at the waste water treatment center. What they are using can hardly be considered as modern pure water technology. The equipment they use is archaic.

Water treatment facilities cannot provide your family with pure home water, because the equipment they still use was designed to remove contaminants long before chemical contamination had become a problem. What there system was built for was removing sand, silt, and other particles from water.

Now, demineralization is definitely not pure water technology, although it does serve an important purpose. The problem is that using a filter incapable of eliminating chemical contaminants or microscopic parasites is not ideal. A major overhaul is necessary, but there is simply not enough money to to do it.

There is only one way to personally guarantee pure home water. You need to install a high quality purification system that removes the chemicals, microbes, and toxic heavy metals that make it to your kitchen faucet. There are other steps that I recommend that you take also.

Another wonderful advancement in pure water technology is a shower head filter. Since chlorine and other chemicals in water vaporize faster than water itself, you can absorb up to 6,000 times more of these toxins than you would through drinking unfiltered water. So, you can see how these filters could be handy for protecting your health.

To ensure your family has pure home water, you need to take proper action. Make the decision to purchase your new contaminant fighting system today.

By: Zach Zimmerman

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