There are many brands of water filters on the market, from Aquasana to Aqua Pure, to Culligan to Kenmore. These are the relatively expensive water filter systems, in the hundred dollar range. The least expensive systems are Brita and PUR.

Well, let's stick with those in the hundred dollar range, or more specifically the Aqua Pure Water Filter.

Aqua Pure offers filters specifically for your laundry room (part of a whole house system), your kitchen (drinking water and refrigerator filters), water softeners, and a hot water filtration system.

Practically any kind of filter you need, in fact.

There's many reasons to have more than just a Aqua Pure Water Filter on your tap, for example. By having a whole house system, you can protect your internal pipes from corrosion caused by chlorine or sediment drop out.

Do not depend on your local water purification plants to purify the water coming into your home! Sad to say but true, however pure the water may be coming from the local treatment plant, it still has miles of pipe to traverse before it gets to your home, and it can pick up many impurities along the way.

The cost of a water purification system, specific to your own home, is well worth it in terms of your family's health and well-being. Indeed, one's health is priceless, and for that reason ensuring that you have safe drinking water, as well as water to bathe in, is paramount.

Indeed, many people think that as long as they have safe drinking water, the fact that they're taking baths or showers in the same - untreated - water is no problem. But that's far from the case. Your body can absorb these impurities in through the skin, where they can be just as harmful.

So do yourself and a family a favor. Search out the right water filter for you!

By: Silvia Simmons

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