If You're Not Using A Drinking Water Filter, You Could Be Drinking Chlorine, Lead, Pesticides, Drugs And Even Human Feces.

The caliber of our drinking water has been continually falling. Our government has turned a cold shoulder to the problem. They proceed to pour chlorine into our water supply, brush aside industrial pollution, and neglect to address the latest menace to public health: prescription medications oozing in to our water system. Drinking water filters are now a necessary item for all.

You need to know what you and your family are consuming when it comes to your water, and how to keep your water safe by using a quality drinking water filter.The human body contains almost 60% water, and you need to ingest about 6 glasses of water to maintain optimum health according to the Mayo Clinic.

Every part in your body needs water - the problem is that most people are not feeding their system with safe, clean drinking water. If you're not using a drinking water filter you need to know some things that may be hiding in your water: Chlorine, Sediment and Rust, Prescription Medicines, Industrial Waste, and Human Feces may all be contained in your tap water. Drinking water filters help combat this problem.

This minute many cities are trying to bring reclaimed water into the public drinking water supply. That may sound like a small thing until you realize that reclaimed water is the waste that is going down your toilet. The system in place to separate the water from the human feces include the use of chemical sanitizers. Some cities in Southern California alone with around 6.5 million people drink from regional water supplies partly treated with reclaimed waste water.

By contrast, drinking water containing human feces is a little risk to your health when compared to the more serious substances, and toxic elements found in your public water supplies shown here.

Chlorine is used in city water systems to get rid of very small organisms in your water. The problem with this is it's poisonous While it's better than having harmful organisms in the water, it is not safe to have it in your water. According to the National Cancer Institute, those who use water with chlorine in it have a 90% increase in the risk of many forms of cancers. Rust & Sediment

Sediment and Rust. Even if your local water treatment facility could remove all of the pollutants from your drinking water you would still have a risk to your health. If you were to go down into your basement, open up one of your water pipes, and peek inside, you would almost be sure to find sediment, lead, and rust accruing on the inside of your water pipes. There is also the possibility of pollution coming from the pipes that transport the water from it's origin into your house, which you can not control.

The Los Angeles Times reported in it's January 30th 2007 edition that medical prescription drugs are now showing up in all the water systems in the highly evolved areas of the world. Drinking water filters are a must with medicines such as steroids, Valium, and other medicines showing up in every glass of water you consume.

It's a scary thought, and to make matters worse there are no regulations from the government prohibiting any of these medicines from being in your water.

Nearly 15,000,000 (fifteen million) gallons of oil seeped into the ground below a New York neighborhood. Even with residents showing a disproportional.amount of people found to have cancer, and and after a class action lawsuit was filed against the oil companies that were liable, the spill has not been cleaned up fully to this day. Industrial waste and pollution is a major problem.

It's nearly out of the question to get rid of all the pollutants in your city water supply. Using drinking water filters is a must in today's world. Shouldn't you and your family seriously consider the benefits of a quality drinking water filter?

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