Ultraviolet water purifier is known to be effective in destroying waterborne microorganisms. Activated Carbon-block is proven to be the best way to filter other contaminants such as lead, mercury, radon...The use of some kind of water filtration is becoming more and more popular since there are rising concerns about drinking water safety.

Do you know what is in you water before it is in you? We live in a polluted world. Air, water, soil pollution are all around us, especially in industrial cities and countries. Unsafe drinking water is no longer just a third world problem. It's a threat even to the most civilized countries. All sources of our drinking water including municipal, wells, lakes, rivers, streams, even glaciers contain some level of contamination. We cannot take clean, safe drinking water for granted any longer. While many contaminants are found in very low level to make any immediate health impact among adults and healthy people, they do post a risk to the infants, young children, pregnant women, older people and people with compromised-immune system. However, over time, these contaminants can build up in the body and cause liver damage, kidney damage, cancer and other serious ailments. Many bacteria and viruses are found in tap water. Some species are resistant to chlorine or chloramines, the most popular form of water disinfectant, such as the Cryptosporidium parvum and the Giardia lamblia.

Is turning to bottled water a solution? According to a four-year study, the NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council) examined 103 brands of bottled water, one-third of those contain some levels of contaminants. Because bottled water are considered food product and is subject to the same sanitation and preparation standard as other foods, therefore, there are certain percentage of contaminants or bacteria allowed as long as it is not exceeding the limit. Unlike municipal water, water bottlers are not required to disclose what is in the water. While most bottled water are of high quality, some do have microbes, arsenic, lead, aluminum in them. NRDC also found that the contents of some bottled water labeled "Spring Water" was filled with tap water right next to a hazardous waste site!

You might think bottled water still tastes better than tap, but is it safer? Probably not. Still want to buy bottled water and feed to your body? That's your call. If you want to fill your multi-million dollars machine only the best, then you should think twice. Would you fill you expensive car with low-grade gasoline? May be not.

Using an effective carbon-block and ultraviolet water purifier will ensure you have the freshest, cleanest, clearest, best tasting water right from your kitchen. Ultraviolet water purifier is EPA approved technology to destroying waterborne disease-causing microorganisms. Activated carbon-block is proven to traps over 140 contaminants. Together, they are the best combination in water treatment technology. I bought mine about 5 years ago for about $600 and nerve regret it. Each year after I only need to change the filter cartridge once that costs about $175 and we are good for a whole year or 1300 gallon of water, that comes to about 13 cents/gallon, much cheaper than buying bottle. Our children are drinking water instead of soft drink or sugar loaded juice (because they taste better than un-filter tap). I feel secured knowing I'm feeding my family the cleanest possible water. I save money on not having to buy bottled water. A few stainless steel bottles will last a lifetime and are safe for use, easy to clean. We just fill the bottles if we need to take water with us. We do our share to curb global warming by cutting down on plastic bottles end up in landfill. It is totally a win-win-win solution. Ready to join us to save the earth and save your wallet and more importantly, save your health? Get a carbon-block and ultraviolet water purifier.


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