All pools have to have filters in them so it can clean the water that you and your family swim in. It cleans the pool and protects it from bacteria, the dangerous chemicals, and anything else from getting in it. You also need to have pool chemicals put in it to keep the water clean as well, but you have to put in the right amount of chemicals in it because it can hurt you if there is too much. There are three types of pool filters out there. They are sand filters, cartridge filters, and DE filters. The DE stands for diatomaceous earth.

A sand filter is a filter that uses a backwash method. A cartridge filter is like a water purifier like the ones on your refrigerator, and the DE filter also uses a backwash method just like the sand filter does. You can put any of these in your pool because any of them will work. You need to get the one that is right for your pool or get the one that is best for you. You need to change them every so often to keep your pool cleaned and to keep all the nasty things out of the pool. You also have to have a pump in your pool because this helps the pool cleaning process.

The pump in your pool pushes water to the filter to clean the water from any algae, dirt, bacteria, and anything else in there. Then it is cleaned and pumps the clean water back in the pool. It also cleans out the leaves, debris, and the dead bugs that can be in there. A pool filter is a very important element to the circulatory system. The filters are a necessity to have in your pool. You have to have it in there, or it may not be safe for you to swim in it. It is like a house water filter. It needs it to work right to keep your drinking water clean and safe to drink.

So if you have a pool or are going to get one, you need to have a filter in it. Whether it is under or above ground, a filter must be put in the pool. If it is a little kid's pool, you don't need a filter in those because you can clean those yourself and the water is changed every time. You also don't have to have a pump or pool chemicals in the water either. So when you have a big pool, make sure you have these in there for your safety.

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