Whole house water filters can be easy to find and easy to install as well. The whole house water heater is placed on the main water line that enters your home and its purpose is to remove the rust particles and sediment from all the water that comes into your home.

There are four categories of water contaminants which are taste and odor causing contaminants, lead, bacteria/parasites, and rust and sediment. If you are concerned about the water that comes into your house you can have an independent laboratory test it for you before you buy a whole house water filter. The whole house filtration system that your house needs depends on the quality of you water supply. In looking into what water filters to use you need to identify the quality of your water supply.

If the water coming into your house tastes or smells bad you can improve upon your water by purchasing a whole house water filter. This could be a result of municipal water that often smells of chlorine. A filter can treat the conditions of water that smells or tastes bad by using Granular Activated Carbon, a substance that absorbs contaminants to the water that would make the water both taste and smell bad.

Having rust and sediment in your water supply is one reason to get a whole house water filter. Particles can be noticed in your water and by using a filter the particles can be filtered out. If you notice anything floating in your water in your home you should purchase the right whole house water filter to remove the particles.

If your water smells or tastes bad then you might have parasites or bacteria in your water. But sometimes parasites and bacteria do not smell or taste but by using a water filter you can be sure that the will be filtered out. Parasites and bacteria can cause illness and can be hazards to those who do not have a strong immune system such as the elderly and the young.

If your home was built before 1986 you may have lead in your water system. If you are concerned about this you really should have an independent laboratory perform a test on you water supply. A test can be a good idea before purchasing a water filter because if you know what specific problem you are having with your water you can pick the filtration system that is right for you.


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