The drinking water that enters our home can contain as many as 2000 contaminants and impurities. Water companies treat the water with chlorine that kill some pollutants but leaves the water containing chlorine which is known to be an extremely harmful substance. In order to make the water safe for us and our families to drink, a drinking water filter system is an essential household item.

Very few people are lucky enough to have a supply of natural, pure and clean water to our homes which in its purest form contains many minerals that are beneficial to our health.

We rely on the water companies to treat the water in order eliminate some of the contaminants it may well contain. The water is treated using chlorine at the water treatment plant so that any small organisms and bacteria can be killed off, and then it is sent through a water filter system to remove any particles.

Unfortunately the public water purification system is not enough to eliminate the majority of impurities that find their way into our homes via the faucet which is why a home drinking water filter system is necessary.

Apart from the chlorine introduced by the water company, a recent study revealed that over 2000 chemicals have been found in drinking water that has not been through some sort of home drinking water filter system. Metals, bacteria and other living organisms along with various types of sediments have also been found in the general water supply.

There are different methods used in a home water purification system, but the first step is to decide how much and where you wish the water to be delivered.

Water Jug

The simplest and smallest of the systems we are discussing in this article. It does not cost much and does not require any installation. It will supply you with a small amount of pure drinking water after being passed through a carbon filter. Each jug can hold between 2 and 3 liters.

Point Of Use Filters (Under the Sink or Counter Top)

These are slightly more expensive than the water jugs and you need to attach these to the faucet on the sink in your home. If you place one in the kitchen then this will be the only one which is supplied with filtered water. But like with the water jugs the carbon filter contained in this system will need to be replaced periodically.

Point of Entry System (Whole House Filters)

Of all the systems this is the most expensive but is the most comprehensive and efficient of them all. The carbon filter through which water will pass into your home is attached to the mains water supply along with a number of other sophisticated filters.

So what this means is that no matter which faucet you turn on you will be supplied with filtered clean water that you can drink. Even the water in your toilet will have passed through this system.

One more advantage to be had from installing this drinking water filter system is that the water supplied into your home is much softer. This means that the buildup of lime scale in the pipes etc. is much less and so the chances of them becoming corroded or damaged is reduced.

So not only will your family be thanking you for giving them great water, but it will increase the lifespan of appliances in your home that need it as well.

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