Having a water filter is no longer a luxury as it was a couple of years ago. More and more people chose to install such a water filter when they are building their home so they can benefit from clean, pure water all the time. The truth is that in today's world that is affected by pollution, having a water filter fitted in your home can save you from health issues related to un-filtered water.

There are two moments in which you can install a water filter: during the actual construction of the house or at a later moment. If you are building your home based on a very strict budget, you may choose to install the water filter later on, but this choice has several disadvantages.

There are at least five main reasons for which installing a water filter in your home during its construction is preferred to adding it later on or not installing it at all.

First of all, installing a water filter may not be a very expensive solution if you consider the overall price of the house and the benefits it offers you and your family. You can save some money in other parts of the house and install the filter when you set up the pipes and the fittings.

If you chose to install the water filter as early as possible, you can avoid it from becoming contaminated with construction debris or dangerous bacteria present during the construction period. In the same time, if the contaminated or un-pure water does not reach the pipes from your house at all, the water filter's efficiency increases. You can of course install the filter after you have completed the house, but the pipes will have been in contact with the un-pure water.

Installing the water filter very early also has the advantage of giving to use less soaps and cleaning substances to clean the pipes and the water system throughout the house.

The water filter is incredibly efficient in cleaning the water that reaches your home, so you can forget buying dozens of liters of bottled water.

By installing a water filter, you also protect your hot water heater by removing debris and impurities from reaching the heater.

There are many advantages to installing a whole house water filter and setting it up as early as possible in the construction period can avoid many issues that can appear along the way.

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