The water filter installed in your home is supposed to help you by filtering and cleaning the water that reaches your faucet. Because today's rivers and streams (even underground water supplies) are more and more polluted and the demand for fresh water in on the rise, water purifying plants cannot always offer you pure water.

To increase the level of protection for you and your family, you should install a cold water filter. But once you have installed such a water filter, it will not function forever. Water filter manufacturers specify that you should keep your filter in a good shape by avoiding damaging it and replacing it after its lifespan has ended.

Most people forget to replace the water filter and by doing so, they expose themselves and their family to more severe perils then to not having a water filter at all.

To understand why changing your water filter is vital, you should know how water filters work. Most modern water filters are based on the carbon's property to absorb impurities from the water. The carbon filters are thicker then ordinary filters, taking the water longer to pass through all the filter's layers, ending up with more pure and cleaner water.

The carbon water filter also absorbs bacteria and chemicals (such as pesticides) from the cold water in addition to the debris, but when the filter gets clogged, its purifying and cleaning properties will decrease. These sediments that gather in your water filter contain bacteria and other dangerous substances and if you do not change it at the recommended moment, you will end up with all these substances and debris in your cold water.

Replacing the water filter is fairly easy. Water filter manufacturers provide replacement filters at affordable prices, so buying them is not an issue. Changing the filter is also straightforward, as all you have to do is take the old filter out of its socket and put the new one in its place. Simply unlock the filter canister by turning its cap about one fourth turn to the left and redo the procedure, in the reverse order, to replace the water filter.

You can find the best prices for a replacement water filter either at online shops or in local hardware and plumbing stores. Just make sure you buy the exact filter suitable for your own type of cold water filter.

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