If you have purchased, or are planning to purchase, a water filter of any kind, you most likely did so because you were interested in providing clean, healthy drinking water to you and your family. If this is the case, then there is no reason you would not want to maintain a clean filter.

Water filters are very similar to the filter that is located within your air conditioning system. As water passes through the filter, the filter catches particles and impurities, keeping them from coming through to your glass.

Just as an air filter becomes clogged with dirt and dust, a water filter can be clogged with particles and minerals. To keep a water filter functioning properly, you need to change the filter regularly, and as such, you should always have a replacement water filter cartridge on hand.

The particles within your tap water are generally so small, you can't see them. But a good quality water filter can catch them. This will make your water clearer, tastier, and healthier. Of course, for the most part, anything in local tap water will not be immediately harmful.

There are regulations about what type of water is allowed to flow to residential homes. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't bacteria in the water, and it doesn't mean that a water filter doesn't improve the health of the water in your home.

A new water filter almost always includes a refill water filter cartridge. Once you use the water filter cartridges that come with the new product, you will need to purchase more. Water filter cartridges should be replaced on a regular basis to avoid problems.

When a water filters takes particles, chemicals, and minerals from the drinking water, all of these things stay with the filter. This means that over time, the impurities build up on the filter. If you don't replace a water filter cartridge, eventually water won't even be able to flow through the filter and you will risk damaging your plumbing.

A sure sign that a water filter cartridge needs replacing is a sudden drop in water pressure. If you don't replace your filter regularly and the water still makes it through, you may be drinking water full of impurities that came from a clogged filter!

You probably keep extra vacuum cleaner bags on hand, and you definitely keep extra trash bags on hand for when the garbage is taken out. And you should keep an extra water filter cartridge or two on hand as well. The replacement water filter cartridges are the backbone behind your water filter. If clean water is important to you, then these parts are important as well.

A water filter cartridge is so important for your health. Have you installed a replacement water filter cartridge yet? Take care of your health and learn more today. Visit waterfiltertypes.com


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