Fact #1 - Any Type Water Filter Cartridge Work

The need to filter water for home use is well known and most people are concerned about the local water supply. There are many filtering systems on the market. They remove viruses, chemicals, bacteria, chlorine, microorganisms, and other impurities. Home water filters come in standard sizes and when you check the size of your filter cartridge then you can use any brand that has the correct size. The exact cartridge that your home water filter used when you got it isn't necessary, as long as it is the correct size. But if you feel safer using the exact filter then that is your best choice.

Fact #2 - The Best Kind Of Cartridge

The systems use these types of water filter cartridge(s): surface filters and depth filters. Ceramic filters are considered one of the best to filter bacteria, cysts, and pathogenic agents. Sediment water filter cartridges only remove sediment.

Fact #3 - Replacement Is Very Important

Whichever water treatment system you are using in your home, in order to always insure that you are cleaning your water adequately, replacing the water filter cartridge is very important. Check the manufacturer's instructions and change the cartridge as recommended.

The Bottom Line

Even the #1 rated home water filter will not do you any good if you don't replace the cartridge after the recommended period of time.

When you are ready to buy your replacement water filter cartridge it is a good idea to compare prices of various sellers on the Internet. Even if you are sticking with the name brand of the system you have. You may still find a more economical price for it by researching it. The most important point: is to change the cartridges as often as is recommended in order to get the best performance out of your system.

If you really want to be safe consider an auto ship program where you are mailed a replacement water filter cartridge every few months automatically as recommended by the manufacturer of your water filter.

Where To Get The #1 Rated Home Water Filters By Consumers Digest Direct From The Manufacturer

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