Maintaining a healthy garden requires proper filtration. Water is the most important part of the garden environment. All gardens should be watered using a water filter which removes chlorine from the water from the hose.

Chlorine is very harmful, not only to the plants, but for the insects, microorganisms and bacteria needed to protect the soil and plants. A healthy garden needs bacteria to fertilize the soil, making it a nutritious food source for plants.

The water filters are equipped with replaceable, eco-friendly filters constructed with a copper and zinc alloy. You can make use of the filter hundreds of times before it needs to be replace, so it is an economical investment.

There are other uses for the water filter, as well. Fill wading pools with the filtered water. Your children can play to their hearts content without developing irritated red eyes from chlorine. The filters can also be used for starting a water garden pond or artificial pond. The de-chlorinated water will be safe for Koi and water plants.

A quality garden water filter cleans up to 40,000 gallons of water. This makes it simple and economical. The filter will last up to ten weeks depending upon the size of the filter and how many uses it gets. Some people can get through the whole gardening season with only one filter.

The water filters were developed with ease of use in mind. You don't have to spend hours reading through the owner's manual before the filter can be used. It is basically self-explanatory right out of the box. The water filters are sturdy and strong enough for most household water pressures.

A hose protector is packaged with the water filter. It is designed to prevent the hose pipe from becoming damaged. This also prevents leaking from the joint between the hose and the filter, eliminating puddles of water accumulating.

A thriving, healthy garden can be yours with a water filter attached to your gardening hose. Let the healthy bacteria and insects live in your garden for eco-balanced environment.

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