Why Filter Water

Water filtration is the method of purifying water using specially designed equipment, or chemicals to make it safe for consumption. Making water safe and healthy for drinking is a process that ensures that the final product is free of microorganisms that may cause illness.

Filtering water will get rid of all foreign impurities that might be in the water especially when it comes directly from the faucet. The chemicals as well as organisms found in water can be toxic and therefore must be removed. Similarly, the water that is used in swimming pools, aquariums, and many irrigation schemes should be filtered for safety.

The processes that are employed for water filtration vary considerably. However, the whole procedure is a mechanical activity that will separate the physical particles from water. The fine barriers that are used create a semi-permeable layer that sieves and screens the fluid as it passes through. Nevertheless, some of the solid granules can dissolve in water and this calls for the use of other methods of filtration. It should be noted that the physical impurities can never be completely removed. It is important to have a medium with a wide surface area that catches all sediment and only allows water to pass through.

There are a number of faucet filters that have been approved for home and commercial use. There are refrigerator filters, under-sink devices, shower filters and countertop filters among other types. These devices are efficient and reliable. The filters work in various ways, some use reverse osmosis, ultra violet system that uses radiation, and other recent high tech inventions that have been very helpful to the consumers. The process of water filtration is fast and convenient and there are many advantages to filtering water including saving money. This is because the average cost of bottled water is much higher than the cost of water filtration. The use of water filters prevents toxic substances such as chlorides and cysts from entering the body reducing the risk of falling ill often. The pathogens and other microorganisms such as Vibrio Cholerae that cause water borne infections are kept at bay.

Some of the domestic filters have solid permeable blocks that are made from carbon. The carbon element would selectively clear some of the toxic organisms like bacteria that are found in the drinking water. At the same time, the carbon block retains the natural PH of water and useful minerals that are required in healthy water. The water filters have been medically certified to reduce the chances of cancer of the colon, cancer of the bladder and cancer of the rectum. This is a side effect found in the byproduct of chlorine that is commonly used to treat water.

It is a personal health choice for one to filter water before drinking. The ultimate results of healthy consumption of water count more. It saves one from the trouble of having to seek medical attention for water borne diseases such as bilharzias and dysentery. It is wiser to avoid infection rather than seek treatment. Prevention is always better than cure.


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