Any water filter system is better than none at all, but Cuno water filters, whilst removing some of the dangerous contaminants, fail to remove them effectively enough to keep you safe, and you pay through the nose for the privilege.

If you research this area thoroughly as I have, you will see that even if a product removes 95% of chlorine for example, it sounds good, but the reality is that 5% in toxic chemical terms is still a lot to allow through. So whilst Cuno water filters fail to remove a high percentage of many of the dangerous ones, you're health is still at risk.

Recent studies have shown the amazing amount of hazardous chemicals in our water, and one of the most dangerous is chlorine, the very substance used to disinfect it! It has been shown that people who regularly drink chlorinated water have a 93% higher chance of getting cancer.

It is vital to invest in a water treatment system that removes 99% of everything, while leaving in the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium which we require to be healthy. Always ask for a copy of the supplier's performance data sheet to show you exactly what it removes and to what extent.

It also seems a little strange to me that Cuno water filters are so expensive, over twice the price of systems that remove 99% of all contaminants, which just proves the point that a more expensive product isn’t necessarily a better one, so research carefully.

The handful of excellent systems out there, including one which has been voted best buy by the Consumer Digest magazine for the last six years, will employ a multi or twin stage process with an activated carbon filter with ion exchange and sub micron filtration.

As we are made up of 70% water, and therefore the quality of what we drink directly affects our long term health, it makes sense to only part with your hard earned dollars on a top product that is cutting edge and keeps you totally safe while giving you pure healthy water as it should be.

So while Cuno water filters are better than nothing, there are far superior and more cost effective products out there to suit your purpose.

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By: Ray Hamilton

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