There is no drinking water filter system that can be called the number one product. There are several filter systems produced by several manufacturers, but the best water filter system is the one that suits your needs the best. There are a few things to consider when looking for a drinking water filter. The first and most obvious reason to get a water filter is that you get pure clean water. The filters also eliminate any smell in the water. The water tastes different too if it is contaminated and the truth is that all the tap water is contaminated even though it goes through a filtration process. Some of the treatments used to purify the water are harmful for our organism, thus further filtering is needed if you want to drink tap water safely.

Each of the models has pros and cons. The water filter pitcher can produce a limited amount of filtered water, the top counter ones occupy space on the counter, and the under counter ones require a little bit of plumbing knowledge or even a plumber. In the process of filtering and purifying the water some of the models use more water than they actually filter while others use electricity. Thus you need to do a little bit of research in your household to see which one fits your needs better and which one turns to be more profitable for you. First of all you need to estimate how much water you need for drinking. Since the recommended amount is 2 liters a day per person, the drinking water usage might turn out to be relatively big in your household. It all depends on how many people you family consists of.

When choosing the filtering technology try to estimate how much your water bill will increase if you use water filter system that uses the reverse osmosis technology or how much your energy bill will increase if you use the ultraviolet technology. Also a good thing to keep in mind before purchasing a filtering system is to check how often you need to change or clean the filters and how much they cost. Often times the system is relatively cheap, but the replacement filters or cartridges are more expensive. Depending on the model you choose the filters from the water filter system have to be change monthly or every trimester or as needed. The advantage of a well known brand in the market is that it usually has filters available in most of the locations, thus changing the filters will not be an impossible thing to do, but rather an easy and pleasant one.

No matter which model or which technology you use in a drinking water filter system, you should be able to observe the differences immediately. Water should have no smell, the taste should be significantly improved and pleasant, the sediment should be removed and the bacteria too. The more filters a system has the better the quality of the water is. Thus water can pass through two, three or even eight filters before it gets in your glass. If you are still undecided which one to buy, you can always start with a carbon filtration system which offers very good quality for the price and does not have very high filter replacement costs.

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