Did you know that by replacing the aerator in the kitchen faucet, a homeowner can have a functioning countertop water filter system? The homeowner simply puts a diverter in the spot on the faucet that formerly contained the aerator. Once attached to the faucet, that diverter serves a two-fold purpose.

The countertop water filter system, a system created by attachment of a diverter to the faucet, removes unwanted contaminants from the tap water. The homeowner can enjoy drinking water that is free of chlorine, lead, volatile organic chemicals, algae by-products and mercury. Yet the homeowner can retain the ability to enjoy water rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium and manganese.

When water has chemicals added by man, it often tastes foul. When water lacks healthful minerals, it has little if any taste. The typical homeowner does not want to drink either type of water. For that reason, the homeowner often studies the advantages of a countertop water filter. Once a homeowner has decided to use such a filter, then he or she has the opportunity to make a number of selections.

The homeowner who has chosen to install a countertop water filter in his or her home must first decide on how the filtered water will be delivered to the residents of the home. Does the homeowner want the filtered water to come out of an opening at the faucet, or would the homeowner prefer to have the filtered water come from an opening located at the filtering device?

Once the homeowner has made that decision, then he or she needs to study the various types of countertop filters. Does the homeowner want to use a multiple stage filter? Such a filter normally has a ceramic structure. That ceramic structure contains silver, thus preventing the build-up of bacteria in the filter.

When a countertop filter has multiple stages, each stage has a different type of cartridge. One stage normally has a KDF-55 cartridge, a cartridge that contains an alloy of copper and zinc. A second stage usually has a carbon block cartridge. In addition to a cartridge for ultra filtration of the tap water, a countertop filter might include an optional cartridge-one that can remove fluoride, arsenic or nitrates.

Homeowners want to enjoy pure, great tasting water when they drink water from their kitchen faucet. Homeowners can have their wishes answered by buying a countertop water filter system with activated carbon filters, filters that perform ion exchange and micron filtration. The water not only tastes great, but it also gives the homeowner the assurance of drinking safe water.

Once a homeowner has chosen such a countertop filter then he or she can feel free of water-bourn worries. A homeowner in the city does not need to worry about fluoride in the tap water. A homeowner with an artesian well does not need to worry about arsenic in the tap water.

The homeowner's selected countertop water filter allows the residents of the home to enjoy and store great tasting water.

In conclusion, we found for the cleanest, purest, best tasting drinking water, you want a countertop water filter system that combines activated carbon filters with ion exchange and micron filtration. Simply put, it's the safest choice.

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