If you are constantly on the go and are very much concern about the quality of the drinking water, there is one good news for you. It takes away the added expense of water bottles, on top of that, it give you the best of both worlds: clean, great tasting water. This portable water filter device simply provide you with the inexpensive convenience of high quality, filtered tap water. Just fill the sports bottle with tap water, and it will remove lead, chlorine and other chemical contaminants for healthy water in seconds! Besides able to hold 20 oz filtered water, the bottle is durable, economical and is perfect for the gym, office, school, or anywhere else you are traveling.

This portable water filter is Aquasana Purity Sports Bottle!

The portable water filter is just not a water container as it appears to be. It has one water filter that can effectively remove chlorine, led, chemical contaminants, bad tastes and odors, from tap water. So, you can just replenish your drinking water from any tap water source you can find to your convenience. One single water filter can purify 40 gallons of tap water, or will last you 60 days of use. When you purchase, this portable water filter comes with 3 water filters or cartridges and cost less than a dinner. So, that is a 120 gallons of pure, clean and well-taste drinking water. In the effort to assure you of the reliabilities of the portable water filter, it gives you 100 days warranty from the date of purchase.

It is made of Low Density Poly-Ethylene (LDPE). With the unique replaceable water filters, any contaminants in the tap water which are harmful to your body will be removed. You are assured of pure, clean, odorless and tasty water prior to consumption. The special design and size make it conveniently for bringing it with you virtually everywhere you go. You can clean it easily by just rinsing it under the tap water, or if you are too lazy, you can clean it with dishwasher. So, this provide you with pure and safe drinking water irregardless where you are as long as there is tap water supply.

This portable water filter not only remove lead, chlorine and chemical contaminants for every 40 gallons or it will last you 60 days of usage, it also allows you to use any tap water source and the end result is great tasting, healthy and pure water. There are no risk in buying this portable water filter as the company is giving you 100 days warranty from the date of purchase. If you are not entirely happy with the performance of this portable water filter unit, you just inform and return to them, and you get your money back.

For those who travel frequently or always on the move, I would recommend you to get a unit of this portable water filter instead of buying bottled water as drinking bottled water is not as safe as you might think. Simply spend the cost of a meal, bring it along with you, especially if you are traveling to some countries where you are not sure about their quality of water. Believe me, you will have complete peace of mind irregardless where you are with this portable water filters. It can just turn any source of tap water into a clean and pure water which can be safely consumed.

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