One of the more unique and highly effective water purifier methods on the market right now is ceramic water filtration. The filer was ultimately invented solely as a result of a world vision project. After some research and trial and error, the problem of the clay being too fine for water filters was solved and the ceramic water filter was ready.

By adding organic matter, the clay is capable of cleaning water and holding up as an effective ceramic water filtration system. The filter is capable of removing multiple contaminants and cleansing the water to give it a rich and crystal clear taste. Along with contaminants, the filter has been found to remove 96-99.8% of E. coli bacteria.

The ceramic water filter is made from clay that is mixed with a grained organic waste material. Anything such as coffee grounds, tea leaves, or rice hulls are suitable for the organic waste material. After the ceramic water filter gets its formation of a cup it is then placed in a kiln with cow manure, and grass and leaves.

As the ceramic water filter is in the kiln the organic matter is burnt away leaving only silica and tiny holes for the water to pass through. These tiny holes allow the water to pass through and the filter purifies the water to a crystal clear taste.

While the ceramic water filtration method is fairly new, it is quickly gaining popularity for many reasons. The main reason is because of the simplicity and how inexpensive it is to make. With the few materials and organic matter needed, the ceramic water filter can be made by anyone anywhere.

Another benefit to the ceramic water filter is how quickly you can produce clean and efficient water. Along with how quickly you can clean the water, you can save a lot of water in the process as well. With only one filter you can clean a liter of water in just two hours.

While the idea of using cow manure seems a little outrageous to clean your water, it is an effective method that is reasonably priced and easy to do. This water purifying method is new and quickly gaining popularity because of its origin and the ability to remove E. coli. With just a few materials and organic matter, you too can have your very own ceramic water filter and make it yourself as well.

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