Water filters are used to purify water from sediment and toxic elements. Filtration is an exercise that has been applauded and recommended by the United States Federal Regulations. Water filters have moved from just being commercial products but domestic products as well. Home water filtration is a common method of water purification that is currently gaining steady popularity among Americans. Many homes have identified water filtering companies that offer valuable information on the use and maintenance of domestic filters.

Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, bottled water has been subjected to thorough inspections. The United States Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) has toiled to ensure safety and hygiene of water consumed. The regulations put in place by the United States Food and Drug and Drug Administration (FDA) have equally ensured that the deceptive brand names of bottled water deliver the quality they advertise in the media. The trustworthiness of bottled water has been at the centre of controversy. The regulatory viewpoint has been to avail a standardized product that is pure and free from lead and chlorine.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established recommended standards that ensure water free from microbial and chemical contamination. The safest recommended production practices maintain that water is sampled and sanitized. It is thus advisable to choose the best methods of water treatment that assure the consumers of safety and good health. On health issues, one cannot gamble. There have been occasions when bottled water was inspected and found to contain mold, benzene and even algae.

Water filters are more economical on a per gallon billing than bottled water. The annual average cost of buying bottled water is relatively more expensive compared to the cost of acquiring and maintaining water filters. This is because most water filters only require changing every one to two months for the average family. Picking on filtering ones own water is a step towards a healthy body and long life. At the convenience of home, one is able to meet the desired quality of water, free from chloride impurities. Additionally, the chemical content does not change with filtration.

Water as a beverage must be exposed to stricter quality measures that will deliver the required purity and freshness. Research conducted indicates that much of the water that is availed to consumers by the bottling companies is drawn from municipal sources. This water is later sold to the unsuspecting consumers posing a health hazard. The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) has encouraged consumers to practice the use of domestic water filtration. The organization has also put stringent Model Codes that are applicable in some regions.

The environmental influence that consumption of bottled water exerts on the environment is distressing. More than sixty million plastic containers are dumped in the United States everyday. The plastic manufacturing companies emit bad waste materials that facilitate the green house effect. Bottled water cannot stand the test of time that filtered water has exhibited. Although bottled water is readily available, the filtered water is nature friendly and the quality for good health.


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