Many of us have water filters in our home, either a whole house filtration system or simply on our taps. It is wide spread knowledge that filtering our water is a necessity what with all of the chlorine, sediment, drugs, etc. in our water supply these days. What happens though when we are traveling, hiking, camping, or simply anywhere that we want to have clean water fast? There are an array of portable water filters that can easily be taken with us anywhere we go. They give the convenience of being able to fill up at any tap or water fountain and still drink clean, safe water. There are many different types of portable water filters. Below is a list of some of the more popular portable water filters that eliminate sediment, chlorine and some bacteria.

Bota of Boulder Outback Bottle Filter - This is a filter bottle that is great for wilderness hikers. It can remove many common bacteria from water and therefore is excellent for filling up at the nearest stream.

Bottom's Up - The filter in these bottles is in the bottom of the bottom as opposed to being part of the lid like many others. The reason for this is that the filter will stay protected within the bottle and won't be exposed to air contaminants.

Clear Brook Portable Water Filter Bottle - This is a great 22oz bottle that has a Lexan cover that will resist cracks and leaks. Excellent for anybody on the go.

Exstream - Excellent high quality filters that come in three different models and sizes.

Innova Water Filter Bottle - This bottle comes in two sizes, either 16 oz or 27 oz and has a two-stage filter that cleans the water as your squeeze.

Pres2Pure Canteen - These canteens are a bit of an odd shape and can be difficult to carry in a standard water bottle holder or pack. However they come with colloidal silver filters that allow for a natural filtration and work great.

If you are looking for a more extensive portable water filter that will be effective in eliminating water borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid, an excellent choice would be the Portable Gravity Water Filters with Doulton ceramic filtration elements. These units are intended to be used in any situation where safe drinking water is not available. They are used by many major aid and emergency relief organizations around the world.

The fact is that it is necessary to filter our water before we drink it in order to avoid contamination and ill health effects. If we are in a situation where clean water is unavailable then we better be sure to have a portable water filter. Do a little shop and comparison online and be sure to get one that is beneficial for what you need. There are many excellent units on the market like the ones listed above. Be sure to get one that is going to fit your needs.

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