Many people are looking for house water filters and for a good reason -- plainly said our tap water is not always safe to drink. Surely, it has been purified, but usually this water purification process is not enough to remove such dangerous things as bacteria, radio nuclides, metals and traces of pesticides and herbicides, which are often found in ordinary household tap water. Having a house water purification system will help you to ensure that water you and your family drinks is healthy and clean, but which type of filter is right for you?

Most effective types of home water purifiers

The most popular water filters are carbon water filters also called charcoal filters. They are made from coconut husk. This type of filter is pretty good - it removes most dangerous water impurities, but allows minerals that are beneficial to our health to pass. Carbon filters are not expensive, and a single cartridge lasts 6-9 month.

However, carbon water purifiers have some disadvantages. First, they can't change the pH of your water, so if you know that the water in your aria is acidic, you might need another type of filter - simple carbon one won't fix the problem. Another problem is, that if the filter was unused for several days it starts getting moldy, especially in hot summer month. If you feel that your filtered water tastes moldy, change the cartridge.

Reverse Osmosis water Filters - More sophisticated technology

This type of water purifier was developed for use in submarines to turn salty sea water into drinking water. But it does more that that - as water passes through a very fine membrane, most contaminants are removed. Reverse Osmosis water purifiers do their job extremely well, sometimes a bit too well. They remove every mineral, leaving just pure distilled water and as some researchers discovered distilled water is not the best thing for our health ether - our bodies need many minerals that usually come with hard (not purified) water.

UV water filters effectively kill all bacteria

Ultra Violet water filtration systems are a comparatively recent invention. As high frequency light passes through the water, it effectively kills all microorganisms. So UV filters are great for getting rid of bacteria, but they don't remove any dangerous minerals. They are often used in hotels in countries, where the risk of contaminated water is high.

There are more water purification methods including magnetic systems, energetic water treatments, far infra red systems and water ionizers. They all are effective to a certain degree, but some of them are still experimental and are not yet used for house water purification.

Variety of home water filters on the market - which filter to buy?

There are many options, you can chose from:

- Undersink Filters
- Countertop Filters
- Tap water filters
- Shower Filters
- Whole house water purifiers

The easiest solution is getting a countertop filter. They are easy to install and portable, if you are planning to move. Tap water filter is another inexpensive option that produces good results.

However, if you live in an aria, where water is generally low quality, you might want to go for a whole house water purification system. Surely, this will cost you more, but you will get clear water for all your household needs. Most whole house water filtration systems are of Reverse Osmosis type and they do the job pretty well.

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